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How To Make Your Piper More Discreet

There are certain situations where you’d prefer for your Piper smart home security system to not make a sound when switching between security modes. Like when it’s being used in a nursery or to monitor the repairmen, for example.

Today we’re pleased to let you know that we’ve officially granted you that option, called Discreet Operations. Through the use of our latest settings, you can now mute your siren, chimes and turn off your LED light.

Find out how to activate it in our tutorial video down below:

As mentioned, to activate the settings, simply tap on the menu icon on the Piper app’s top left corner, hit “Settings”, then “Sirens, Chimes and LED”. From here, you can mute your siren, decide whether or not you’d like to have a warning chime sound before your siren (note this warning only happens in Armed Away mode. See the latest user manual for details), and disable the Panic Putton on your Dashboard. You can also disable the chimes that sound between security modes and prior to the siren, and even disable your Piper’s LED light as well (note this is only for normal operations. See the manual for details).

Excited about this new option? Let us know in the comments section!


  1. I read your latest email concerning settings for sirens, chimes, and LED. My settings menu has no option for these, even under “Piper Options.”
    My software version is 1.6.0 and I have not been notified of any software updates.

  2. Hi, just checked the App Store and the latest app version doesn’t appear to be available. My Piper NVs are still on version 1.6. Can you confirm when the new software will be available for U.K. Users?


  3. Great new features , But what we really need , and this was promised at launch is the ability for Piper to act as a secondary z wave controller , in an existing z wave network

  4. I am hoping that you will update app to include different modes for multiple camera. I am unable to set my garage camera in away while I am in the house as my house camera also has to be in away mode. I was told this was coming 6 months ago.

  5. After upgrading to the latest Piper software, only the primary piper is able to function (i.e., detect motion, send out alarm, have the LED light turned off). The second piper can no longer detect motion or send out alarm. The “turn off LED” setting has no use with the second piper. Is this a bug?

  6. problem solved. you need to remove the second piper, add it back, go through a firmware update, reboot your iphone, and then both pipers will work now.

  7. Since the latest upgrade piper froze and I had to re set upon my door sensors don’t change state and when trying to create rules for armed stay or away mode my iOS app 2.30 crashes

  8. Bought the bundle with door sensor accessories and all work well. It would be a useful addition to get Piper to chime at a low level (ie not 105dB!) when door sensors are activated in “at home” mode.

  9. What piper really needs is a way to disable it if your wifi goes down. This is a major pain. Several times my wifi has gone down during the day and when I return home piper greets me with the wailing siren in my face. The only way to silence it is to unplug it and stuff it under a bunch of pillows until the siren goes off.

    There should be a way to press the power button in a certain sequence that would kill the siren. Certainly everyone’s wifi goes down at some point. Didn’t the engineers stop to think about that? Seems so obvious to me.

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