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How To Make Your Piper More Discreet

There are certain situations where you’d prefer for your Piper smart home security system to not make a sound when switching between security modes. Like when it’s being used in a nursery or to monitor the repairmen, for example.

Today we’re pleased to let you know that we’ve officially granted you that option, called Discreet Operations. Through the use of our latest settings, you can now mute your siren, chimes and turn off your LED light.

Find out how to activate it in our tutorial video down below:

As mentioned, to activate the settings, simply tap on the menu icon on the Piper app’s top left corner, hit “Settings”, then “Sirens, Chimes and LED”. From here, you can mute your siren, decide whether or not you’d like to have a warning chime sound before your siren (note this warning only happens in Armed Away mode. See the latest user manual for details), and disable the Panic Putton on your Dashboard. You can also disable the chimes that sound between security modes and prior to the siren, and even disable your Piper’s LED light as well (note this is only for normal operations. See the manual for details).

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