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How To Safely Sell A Home You’ve Moved Out Of

Worry not if circumstances have forced you to vacate your home before it sells —there are a variety of ways you can secure it despite vacancy.

Stage It

If you’re worried about squatters looking to take advantage of a visibly empty home -and you’ve got the budget- consider having it professionally staged. This way one can only assume that the home is expecting its owners to return any day.



You don’t have to go for all the bells and whistles, but a few couches, artworks, and tables can really go a long way in discouraging squatters from taking their chances.

Fun fact: Staging your home can also increase your chances of selling it quickly, as it helps buyers better picture themselves in the property and become attached to it.


Get Motion Sensing Lights

A great way to keep intruders from breaking into your vacant home is to invest in motion detecting lights. Like the name suggests, they produce light anytime they detect motion within a certain range. The last thing an intruder wants when weaselling their way into a home is light that can help neighbours, drivers and pedestrians notice their sketchy activities.


Keep Your WiFi & Buy A Security System

Motion sensing lights are great and all, but a determined intruder can bypass them and get into your home. This is why we’ve always advocated a layered approach to home security. Without a security system, you can’t know whether or not your first line of defence is effective in deterring intrusions.

Maintaining a WiFi connection in your home after vacating will allow you to set up a security system (like Piper) to be your eyes and ears while away. This way you know for sure whether or not there are unwelcome guests meddling around your home.

hero_piper-phone-sensorA security system doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be effective. Piper, for example, requires no monthly fees and hardly uses any bandwidth because it only records video in the event of your security rules being breached.

It’s also parable with multiple smart accessories that can save you from bursting pipes, and give the illusion that your home is occupied, among others.

Keep Your Landscaping Up To Date

A well manicured lawn is the symbol of both a homeowner who takes a lot of pride in their property’s appearance and one who is home often enough to maintain it.

Leaving your landscaping unkempt is a sign of laziness, vacancy, or the physical inability to care for your outer space. Not to mention it’s also a total turnoff to prospective buyers who don’t take too kindly to being greeted by a sea of weeds and grass tall enough to get lost in.