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How To Scare Burglars Away From Your Home

Have you ever wondered why burglars choose to target some homes and not others? Well, a recent study performed by students from the University of North Carolina sampled 1,500 burglars divided equally across 3 states (Kentucky, North Carolina, and Ohio) to try to better understand that question.
The answers revealed in the study may help you better secure your own home or even better inform your decisions when it comes to deciding what home you’d like to move into.
So, what will make robbers avoid your home like the plague?
1. Cameras/surveillance: In today’s shocking news, thieves are least likely to target homes with security systems inside. Most security systems, Piper included, come with stickers or signage that you can place outside your home so you can let burglars know that they should be sure to smile for the camera, should they be foolish enough to enter.

2. Alarm: Some security systems don’t have cameras included in their bundles, in which case homeowners have signage around their property indicating that they have loud alarms set up around their homes that can potentially be set off. Though these don’t scare intruders off quite as well as camera surveillance systems, they do the trick enough to be the second best deterrent.
3. People inside: Is it strange to anyone else that this didn’t rank as number one? According to the study, seeing people inside a home is the third strongest theft repellant.
4. Car in driveway: If you’re going to be away for the day or evening, consider leaving your car in the driveway as opposed to inside your garage, because this is a pretty big spooker for people up to no good. I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you’re going to be gone for days or weeks at a time, though- especially in the winter.
5. Dog inside: Not surprisingly, dogs made the list of top 5 burglar deterents. Who wouldn’t be scared off by the sounds of loud barks and thoughts of notoriously sharp dog teeth digging into their flesh? If you don’t have a dog inside your home, perhaps get yourself a ‘beware of dog’ sign instead. I’m willing to bet many robbers aren’t willing to call your bluff.
It’s always interesting and helpful to get into the minds of crimminals through their own admission. Is there anything on this list that surprised you? Let us know in the comments below!

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