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How To Use Multi Piper Management

With Multi Piper Management, you can easily view up to 5 Pipers, who share a common WiFi network, from one account. When you set up multiple Pipers, you’ll be able to monitor multiple camera views, recorded videos, as well as shared environmental and motion sensor data.
Want to learn how to activate multi Piper management for easy viewing? Watch our simple tutorial video down below!


  1. I would love to be able to see all of my cameras at once (like split screens) instead of switching between them. Hoping that you can make this an option in the future

  2. Is there an option for which cameras you can activate the mode? I would like one camera for the dog room in home mode while the other camera in the living room is in away mode.

    1. Hi Cathy,
      That’s not a feature currently supported, however make sure to subscribe to our newsletter & keep your eye on this blog to be among the first to know about new features!

  3. I have a Piper in Atlanta, Georgia on one network, and a second in Memphis, Tennessee on a different network.
    Is there a way to have both of them controlled from one iphone?

  4. I also like the feature for monitoring mutiple properties. I have a few units already working with my own house, but I am setting up another one at my mom’s house in her living room. That way, I can converse with her & check on her room thermostat. Is there an easy way to switch between properties, or perhaps a differ user profile?

  5. I bought a second Piper for another location (with a different WiFi network) and am now told to use both I will need to have another Piper account, with another email address and will have to sign out of and then into the each account to monitor the other unit. Multi Piper Management does not explain this or I would not have bought another one.

    1. Hi Wayne, sorry about the inconvenience! As stated, multi Piper mgmt is only possible if your devices share a common WiFi network. We are working on a way to make transitioning between your accounts much quicker, though.

  6. Let’s say I have 2 cameras, if there is an intruder alert, will all sirens start ringing? Or only one?


  7. I have multi-piper issues as well. For one installation I would like to install a third piper in a separate building on the same network but not monitor temperature. For my second installation I need to use a separate account which means I can only monitor one account from my phone without logging out and back in. If one app could monitor multiple locations, with different monitoring/alarm settings for each camera would be ideal.

  8. Hi,

    I bought a second Piper for my second home only to discover that I can’t manage with the app. It’s pretty frustrating. Please, fix this quickly. Thanks


    1. Hi Eduardo, we’re working on a way to make it easier to switch between accounts. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for sharing your experience!

  9. I second that. The load time to switch back and forth is terrible. Ever since I added a second camera it is performing poorly and buffering is a nightmare. Sometimes I just cancel since it takes too long or just won’t load. May just return the 2nd camera since a split screen is not an option.

  10. Ahh – I just bought two Piper nv’s – one for my home and one for my vacation home. Any update on a good way to manage both locations? If I arm one with email / text alerts will it stay armed if I log-out and log into my other account?

  11. I too have multiple cameras (5) and a Z-Wave motion sensor. I have a need to be able to individually arm, while at home, specific cameras. Is there any way to do this? Reading the comments, there doesn’t seem to be but something you could look into along with the ability to see all the cameras at once.

  12. Please add support for multiple locations from a single account. I have one Piper at home and one at my vacation home. Although I can switch accounts to view each – I can’t find a way to connect both with IFTTT as the Android IFTTT and Android channel only have support for one account. I’d love to get a couple of Pipers for my Mom’s place but can’t see having to shuffle 3 accounts.

  13. Hi, I also need a way to manage multiple Pipers at different properties (different WiFi networks). Hopefully that functionality is coming soon?


  14. I have 3 piper units,
    -1 is set up on the first network with this email and working fine
    2- the second purchased for my elderly parents living room , on a seperate network , with a seperate email , how do I install another piper app or do I have to?
    3-I have one last one I would also I stall on a seperate network with a seperate password , is this possible

    1. Hi KJ,
      Pipers with separate networks require separate accounts. We are working on a way to make it easier to switch between accounts, but for now you will need to manually log in and out of each one on the app, or set the apps up on various mobile devices.

  15. You guys are really limiting your market by it being so difficult to have multiple locations. Monitoring an elderly parent’s home is a whole market you’ll miss. We like piper but might need to get a different brand to have an app for me and a separate app for mom’s house. Frustrating.

  16. Wholeheartedly agree. While I understand Piper may not be targeting people with multiple homes and who can probably afford traditional security services, there are many many people who would benefit from 2-3 different locations in one account, i.e. parents & inlaws. Also, the website speaks of “multi-piper” management- it ought to be made clear that it does not mean multi-location. Call it multi-room maybe…

  17. I second the need for making it easy to switch between accounts in the app.

    I have a camera in my office that I’m very pleased with, but would like to buy one for my flat and one for my parents’ house aswell.

    I won’t do that until it is easy to switch between accounts in the app. Ideally it would work like the Gmail app, where multiple accounts can be signed in at once, and you just click to load up the settings of the account you want to use.

    If you are having trouble implementing this, or need help with your application development, then my company can help you! 🙂

  18. Me too, I second the need to ease up multi Piper management under different networks. It would be ideal if one could be logged in in two or even three different accounts at a time and just swipe between the accounts like we do now, so swipe between cameras…

  19. Are there any plans to add multi location management? I would love to be able to manage multiple locations without having to sign in separately.

  20. Not having the ability to auto log in/out of multiple Piper installation locations via the app (different buildings) is stupid. Making the user create a second user account is even stupider. I’ve been asking for this upgrade for 2 – 3 years now but it only falls on deaf ears (every time I ask).

  21. I bought your original piper before it was even shipped, on your crowdfunding site. a couple years later, I bought the NV version … one for work, one for home … and as everyone above has mentioned the multi-piper wording, is a bit mis-leading. One for the house, the other for our deli … great, now I realize it wont work. Any idea when the feature might become available?

  22. I’m also badly suprised in reading I need to go through such a weird procedure in order to get access to my second unit at a different location. On a business side, I wonder what does it take to realize that a happy user will buy other units to be installed at different locations. I’ll have to return my second unit because of that.

  23. I have 3 pipers in 3 homes each with separate emails, When will you guys give us the ability to monitor all three from one email address? You should talk to the folks at ecobee. They have this figured out and would be a great enhancement to your product

  24. I just bought my second piper for different property and wifi, I also thougt I could use many cameras on different locations in the same app and switch between quickly.

    Im very dissapointed :-/

    When excacly will piper offer this option?

    Thank you!

  25. I too would like this feature. I have 2 pipers, on separate accounts, and would like to monitor them both without having to switch accounts with logout/login.
    I am about to purchase a 3rd camera for a separate property and would purchase another Piper if I could access it easily, without having to logout of my my home Piper. As it is, I’m going to purchase a Kodak camera.

  26. The multiple locations issue still hasn’t been fixed. When you say “working on it” and it’s been a year for complaints on this thread alone, what does that mean?

  27. Hi

    Please can we have an update on multi piper locations monitoring. piper within two different homes on different wifi networks.

    Thank you

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