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IFTTT Recipe Spotlight: Unmute On Alarm

We love how little time you’ve wasted creating your very own Piper-centric IFTTT recipes!

Martin Drolet, a Canadian Piper user, had a particularly unique recipe that I just had to learn more about.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.53.31 PM


Martin told me that he created his “If Piper is triggered, set Android device to 100%” recipe because his workplace doesn’t allow for the use of cellphones. Thanks to our collaboration with IFTTT, he can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that he won’t be missing any alarms.



  1. That’s awesome! How can I use IFTT to to arm/disarm Piper when the door/window sensor changes state (ie a door or window opens or closes)? It’d be incredibly useful for arming the NV when I lock my security gate at night.

  2. That’s brilliant! Now if someone would just write a recipe for Alexa to tell Piper to turn on or off the lights! I keep wishing.

  3. You guys weren’t on the list of supported devices for Apple home kit in the upcoming iOS 10. That’s a huge disappotment because IFTTT is really not a perfect solution for automation.

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