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Inside Piper’s Time At Get Geeked

This past week the Piper team traveled to San francisco, California to take part in Get Geeked, an annual event for tech enthusiasts and journalists.
We showed off our Pipers and the range of z-wave accessories they work together with to help consumers live more efficiently.
Check out some more photos from the amazing event below:
IMG_1970Jason Domangue, VP of Piper marketing, stands beside our Get Geeked table.

IMG_1967Jason and Lauren from our PR team setting up the booth before the show begins.

IMG_1980Jason, Lauren and Lindsey (also from our PR team) talking about Piper with the press.
IMG_1986The Piper booth being filmed for a show!
IMG_1985One of the founding members of a digital tech blog called The iMums dropped by our booth and got to learn about how Piper fits in with all sorts of families!
Jason was booked to give a speech on our Piper security system and show it off via a clip taken from his home in Austin, Texas. Before his big talk, he took part in a rehearsal go-through
He then gave a great speech about Piper’s leading role in the home security industry. The audience learned that you no longer have to rely on having other people watch your home, or be boggled down with monthly fees. With Piper, your home security is 100% in the palm of your hand, with no hidden fees.
The speech went over so well with the Get Geeked crowd that we went far beyond Jason’s alloted 5 minute Q&A session! Guess it really is hard to believe that reliable home security has been made so simple 🙂

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