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July & August Are The Most Popular Months For Break-Ins

Did you know that your risk of falling victim to a break-in increases in July & August, according to the FBI?
There are quite a few reasons why these summer months account for the most burglaries. If you recall, in one of our earlier postings we found that the most common ways burglars enter homes are via the front door, garage, side door, or first level windows; all of which tend to be open most often in July and August due to the warm temperature.
Another reason break-ins are most prevalent during July & August is because that’s when a majority of the population chooses to take holiday vacations. What’s most stunning about these vacations people take is that, despite the risks of being thousands of miles away from home, 45% of travelers do not use any form of technology to check in on their homes while away for vacation.
Are you looking for ways to keep your home secure while away for extensive amounts of time? Check out this guide we put together!

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