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Keeping A Watchful Eye On John’s Boat

John S., a long-time Piper user, recently wrote in to us to share his experience using Piper within his boat. I thought it was a super cool and unique way to implement our security system, so I went ahead and asked him to tell us a little bit more about how he uses his device in case any of you also have boats that you’d like to keep a watchful eye over!

John’s boat is a 2009 Silverton 33 Sport Coupe that he had considered purchasing security for long before he had a Piper. What stopped him from taking the plunge was the price of most systems being too steep for “how little they offered.”

2009 Silverton Sport Coupe


John’s dream security system needed to have a few things – some of which include:

    • The ability to sound an alarm in case of emergencies like high water
    • Battery backup in case the shore power gets disconnected.
    • A view of the boat in the event that an uninvited guest entered
    • Temperature sensors that would come especially handy in the fall/winter months to make sure his pipes were protected


It’s not easy to find all these qualities in one affordable security system, but lucky for John he found everything he was looking for in the Piper nv.

Bilge Alarm Location boat water sensor z-wave accessory piper smart home all in one security system iot
The water sensor accessory John uses as a bilge alarm.

As a special bonus, John shared this awesome video of him testing out his Piper. Check it out:

Thanks so much to John for sharing his Piper experience with all of us, and to you for watching. You can always share your videos online with the hashtag #MyPiper or email them in if you’d prefer, to info@getpiper.com.


  1. Hi, Does this Piper need to be connected to the internet? In order to view remotely and receive push notifications.


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