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Keeping Secure In Off-Campus Housing

The leap from on to off-campus housing can be quite intimidating for parents and students alike. Piper was designed to help students feel safe in their apartments while maintaining affordability, as one of our founders realized there was no affordable solution for renters when he sent his daughter away for school.

Security systems aside, here are 3 other ways you can maintain your safety while living off campus:


1. Change The Locks Before Moving In

Did you know that you have the right to request that your landlord change the locks before moving in? Take full advantage of this rule created with your safety in mind.


Close up side view female hand inserting key in door


2. Make Sure There Are Either Windows By The Front Door Or A Peep Hole

It’s important to know who’s knocking at your door before opening it. The majority of burglaries occur when a person strong arms their way through a wedged open door, after all. That’s why it’s a smart idea to make sure the home you choose either has at least one window by the front door, or a peephole.


3. If You Live In An Apartment, Don’t Let Strangers In

It’s easy to want to be polite and allow the person behind you to slip through the security portion of entering an apartment building, but it’s not the best idea security-wise. If you don’t recognize the person approaching behind you, don’t allow them to bypass the security your building has set in place!



Off-campus housing isn’t as scary as it might sound. Trust your instincts and take heed to the above tips, perhaps even set yourself up with a security system and you should be just fine!