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Late Riser? Here’s How Home Automation Can Help

To night owls and over-sleepers, the morning hours may seem both terrifying and mysterious. 30 Rock’s zany character Tracy Jordan was shocked back in 2010 to discover that all the same things exist in the morning as the afternoon. Perhaps a few more of us could benefit from this realization.

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Whether you’re doing it to become more productive, align your schedule with a loved one, or adjust to a new work schedule, home automation can be used to help make you an early riser. It can ensure you get a better night’s sleep, make your morning schedule easier to implement and manage, and will supplement your morning motivation.

If seeing “morning” that many times in a paragraph made you shudder, keep reading! Smart home technology just might make mornings a lot less daunting.

Get a good night’s sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to getting up early. You will be tired when you first start your new regime, however staying up late binge watching those new episodes on Netflix is going to turn what would have been temporary grogginess into legitimate exhaustion.

iStock_000011736780_SmallGoing to bed early when you’re used to being up all hours of the night may leave you laying awake. It often takes several days to adjust to a new sleep schedule. However, there are a few ways you can trigger your body’s natural desire for sleep and relax so you don’t end up counting sheep.

People sleep best at about 65 degrees, or 18 degrees Celsius. This cool temperature helps your body not only fall asleep, but remain asleep.

Temperature sensors measure your room temperature. Piper provides, on it’s simple app, a Vitals graph which will show you the temperature changes in your room over the course of the night. This allows you to adjust temperatures on your heating/cooling system in your house, ensuring you’re always hitting that prime sleep temperature.

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Because of Piper’s home automation capabilities, you can set all your home security and control light right from your mobile device, remembering to lock the door or getting the last few lights at night becomes super simple. Especially if you download a warming backlight and dimmer, such as Twilight or f.lux (so your screens don’t wake you back up) you’ll be able to fall asleep faster knowing that your house is secure and all the lights turned off.

Lights, heat, action!

With Piper’s Z-Wave compatibilities, you can use wireless accessories to automate your home appliances. Even better, Piper has an automated light bulb with can be used to dim lights, or turn them on and off. Piper’s app allows you to schedule these to turn on at certain times, so they turn on automatically when you plan on waking up. How is this a benefit? Oftentimes curtains or blinds, and even sunrise times prevent natural light from helping your body wake up. The presence of artificial light, if not as effective as sunshine, will signal your body that it’s time to wake up.


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The Piper team has recently made the Piper app compatible with IFTTT, which means you can also cause your lights to turn on whenever your alarm clock goes off. This avoids having to change settings in the Piper app.

Just as light triggers your body to wake up, so does heat. Because people sleep best at a cooler temperature, turning on your heater may prepare your body for waking up, making that transition easier. Additionally, if you live anywhere with snow, you know the dread of crawling out from under the covers in the morning. Piper allows you, with wireless accessories, to set a timer for any space heaters so your room with warm up as your body wakes up, and be bearable by the time you get out of bed.

Find your motivation

You’ve been reading this article, and I’m sure it’s not because you have every desire to stay a bed sloth. So why do you want to become a morning person? I was personally motivated to wake up at the terrifying time of 6am to be able to work the gym into my schedule. Every morning, when I wanted to curl back under the covers, I reminded myself that I wouldn’t have time to exercise that evening.

Your motivation could be anything, but you need to be clear on why you’re getting up. Use IFTTT to get some happy, motivational music started. Even better, choose a system that’s away from your bed, so you have to get up if you want to turn it off. Many people use this strategy with alarm clocks, but waking up to your favourite song will improve your morning far more than the all-feared alarm buzzer!

You can use IFTTT or the Piper app to get your coffee started. The robust scent of your favourite brew, plus the threat of your cup of heaven getting cold will force you to get up when you planned.nespresso-prodigio-720x480-c

If you’re trying to be more productive with work, plan what you’ll be doing in the morning before you go to bed. This way, you’ll have a clear directive when you wake up. Similarly, I always get out my gym clothes the night before, so when I wake up I can’t waste time getting ready to go.

Whatever your reasons for braving the early hours of the day, Piper and its home automation capabilities will be there to help you along the way. Between the plethora of wireless accessories available for your home and the benefits of IFTTT, you’ll have forgotten all about the snooze button in no time.