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Live In NYC? Share Your Smart Home On The Big Screen!

Have you tapped into your Piper’s home automation capabilities? If  you live in New York City & have a smart home security system with any z-wave accessories we support like indoor & outdoor smart switches, smart LED bulbs, water sensors, etc. then you’re exactly what CBS Interactive is looking for!

Piper smart home security on- The Big Bang Theory - Season 9 episode 12 raj telescope room
Even Raj from The Big Bang Theory has a Piper!

The news site recently published a casting call inviting smart home innovators to share their connected space with CBS Interactive’s massive audience:

Do you have a Smart Home you’d like to show off?

CBS Interactive is looking for homeowners and/or renters who are PROUD enough of their Smart Home systems that they’re willing to SHOW THEM OFF!

Have you spent a pretty penny on Smart Home-style renovations or systems that bring ease-of-use, automation, additional safety measures, utility and/or maintenance cost savings and style to your home? If so, we want to showcase you and your home! We’re targeting people who have shown creativity, ingenuity and forward thinking in the systems they’ve designed and installed — beyond that, we also want to see how they’re used in daily life.

CBS Interactive has partnered with a major online real estate marketplace to create a series of short, documentary-style videos that showcase people in and around New York City who have taken the idea of the Smart Home and have successfully (and stylishly!) implemented it fully into their own lives.

To be considered, please send the following items to


– Photos of each room in your home where you’ve installed Smart Home technology

– A brief list of the technology you’ve successfully installed and implemented

– Portrait photograph of yourself (and any other member of your household willing to speak on-camera about the technology in your Smart Home)

– a 15-second video of you (and any other member of your household willing to speak on-camera about the technology in your Smart Home) speaking about why we should select you and your home to be showcased in the series

Incentives for appearing to be negotiated later in the recruiting process.

We look forward to hearing from you!

CBS Interactive team

Piper nv wireless security camera keeps an eye on zeus the french bulldog in family living room

It’s not everyday that a camera crew deems you cool enough to profile as a trailblazer, so don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to showcase your tendy abode – and make sure to share the casting call with your family & friends as well!


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