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Local Vs. Cloud Storage: What’s The Difference?

While shopping for security systems, you’ve probably noticed that different companies opt for different modes of video storage; the two obvious ones being local and cloud storage.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage, in a nutshell, is the third party storage, maintaining and backup of data that requires an Internet connection.

What is local storage?

Security cameras that rely on local storage typically store footage on SD cards that range anywhere from 16-128 GB. This means that users can skip out on the storage fees that some cloud based security systems offer, but they do expose themselves to the risk of burglars making off with their footage if they take the camera or SD card during a robbery.


Why do some people prefer cloud?

Cloud storage is revered amongst some security camera owners because of its flexibility: users have the ability to review their footage remotely, anytime they’d like, and also don’t have to manually add/remove SD cards or delete footage to make sure they don’t run out of space. People also like the comfort of knowing that even if a burglar stole or smashed their camera they’d still have the security footage needed to provide the proper authorities.

Why do others prefer local?

Those who prefer local storage, like knowing that they have direct access to their footage without the middleman and don’t have to pay hosting fees to a security company.

The decision to go with one storage option over the other always comes down to personal preference, as they each have strengths that are valued according to individual needs. Need more info on the benefits of a modern security system? Read up on how Piper works!


  1. Good article! Only issue I have with Piper’s storage is that it records 30seconds only each time there is an event. So if a thief breaks in and you miss a shot of the face in the first 30seconds, well you might have just had a motion sensor instead…Why doesn’t piper offer at least 5minutes recorded events? If the cost is too high at least offer pay options for people. G

  2. Hi,
    Where are the stretch goals?
    It’s been over two years since the the stretch goals were promised … where are these.
    We have paid this product and made it possible.
    So let us not stand in the rain ….

    geofence (inclided in Piper)
    NAS support (included in Piper)

    Not a good advertisement for you …

  3. I agree with Gyve and would like to go beyond… Why cant we have acces to the whole footage! Nest cam has the complete footage, 24/7 with cloud access. I kind of feel deceived with piper recording only 30 second s and whenever it considers it necessary.

  4. Local Storage includes physical hardware such as external hard drives, flash drives, and CDs. As its name suggests, local storage is kept nearby.

    Cloud Storage refers to any program owned by a third party that allows you to upload your data using the Internet.

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