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Mark Bryan Visits Piper’s Ottawa Office!

It’s been a great week here in Piper’s Ottawa office. The sun has finally decided to shine, we’ve been executing many exciting developments, and Mark Bryan (Icontrol‘s Market Strategy Executive Director) has come up from Austin to work out of our office!
I sat down with Mark for a Q&A to talk about all-things Piper, and even gave him a mini-tour of the city’s famous ByWard Market. Read up on what he had to say below:

What brings you to the Ottawa office?
Mark Bryan: I’m making sure we’re building the right features for our customers.

What’s your role within the company on a typical day?
MB: It’s different everyday which I absolutely love. I do everything from completing consumer research to market analysis, talking to customers, giving presentations, working with product management & engineering to make  sure we’re building the right features, etc.

What do you think of Ottawa this time of year?
MB: It’s gorgeous! There are people walking around in shorts and shirts, it’s sunny and warm during the days, and cool at night. This city is absolutely beautiful, and even greener than I thought it would be!
Have you discovered a hotspot over here you wish you had back in Austin?
MB: We don’t have a Lonestar!
Are there any major differences between the Ottawa & Texas office/teams?
MB: The Ottawa office is bigger than I thought, but smaller than the other offices. It’s a very open floor plan, whereas the others aren’t quite as open. It seems to be very collaborative (there are a lot of ad hoc meetings!) because of the space.

What’s working out of another city like, especially one in a different time zone?
MB: I’m used to it; I travel quite a bit, but it is embarrassing when the time change messes with your schedule.
What do you rely on your Piper for?
MB: I like to see what’s going on. Have it pointed out to the front of my house, to see what’s going on in the driveway. I like to watch my kids playing in the front yard. If im cooking dinner or something, I get to keep an eye on them!

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