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Nespresso Joins The IoT With A Connected Coffee Machine

Coffee addicts, rejoice!

Nespresso has officially joined the IoT with it’s own connected coffee machine. Though many Piper customers already use the smart switch accessories we support to brew coffee straight from their bed, this Nespresso-specific IoT venture takes things to another level.

The new Nespresso Prodigio Espresso machine, which retails for $299, allows you to stay connected to your coffee machine 24/7 via IV a mobile app that relies on Bluetooth connectivity to alert you to  your machine’s water levels, capsule stock, and descaling so that you make any necessary adjustments to your machine before push comes to shove.

Don’t just take my word for it, watch the overview video detailing the device down below!

If you’re part of the 32% of women who would like to use their mobile device to start the coffee pot before getting out of bed, the options that this new Nespresso connected coffee machine and current smart switch accessories offer are probably enough for you to live everyday of your life with a smile.

Are you happy spending $44.95 to pair your Piper with a smart switch that allows you to have coffee ready for you every morning, or would you prefer to drop $299 on this new Nespresso machine? Let us know in the comments below!