Hello Piper

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“Our Piper Catches Movement with Window Accessories.”

We absolutely love reading all the comments you leave around the web about your experiences using Piper.

No two experiences are ever alike, and it’s just so amazing to see the endless amounts of ways customers use our security system to protect their homes.

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We recently received an amazing story from Ms. L., a newer user who says that she’s pleased that Piper works exactly as advertised:

I reviewed wireless alarm systems until I couldn’t see straight and chatted with support members from Piper on several occasions before making a decision. I received very helpful and consistent responses every time. The Piper team was great. Customer service is a large part of the shopping experience. Piper delivered. Our Piper NV is located so it catches movement downstairs with window accessories. It works perfectly. We’ve had it about a month. Love the Home Vitals feature. We lost our Internet connection once during the last month and it alerted me when it lost connection and when it came back online. Really nice feature.

It’s so great to hear that our customers are able to rely on Piper for far more than home security. Thanks to your ability to be connected to your home 24/7, Piper allows you to save your family from a lot more than burglaries!

Do you have a special Piper experience you’d like to share with us? Feel free to email me, godumo@icontrol.com or comment below!