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Our Updated IFTTT Channel: What You Need To Know

Since launching the initial phase of our IFTTT channel, we’ve been carefully considering the feedback you’ve left across our blog, Facebook and Twitter pages in order to continue building it into the ultimate resource for you.

Some of you asked for easier ways to save the free video clips Piper captures, which inspired:

IFTTT Recipe: If Piper records a video, upload it to my Dropbox connects piper to dropbox

And to those who wanted recipes that would be triggered when wireless accessories detected activity:

IFTTT Recipe: Turn on your lights if security event is detected in Armed Away mode connects piper to piper

European users, a tweet can automatically be posted if your Piper detects fire or smoke via a connected smoke sensor:

IFTTT Recipe: If your Piper detects a smoke alarm emergency then post a tweet connects piper to twitter

We’ve got lots more recipes you’re welcome to check out over on our official IFTTT channel. As always, thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We love using it to continue building the ultimate smart home security product for you.


  1. Just wanted to add that the IFTTT channel is great. Ive had good results using the security event in armed mode recipe along with a maker channel web api hook for my Hook smart light bridge! Keep up the good work and keep adding more recipes / hooks.

  2. I for one would certainly appreciate more hooks coming available. An obvious one would be an alarm condition reset. If I have the lights go on when an alarm condition is triggered, it would be nice to have another recipe that could turn them off again when the system resets. Some time delays would be good too.

    The app could use some additional flexibility too. I can set a light to come on and go off, with set times for weekday and weekend. But only once. How about allowing us to do an on/off cycle in the morning and another at night? How about a random time offset within a set range, so the light would go on or off within a random preset range of the set time?

    Functions like ‘turn on when dark, stay on for a set period of time’ should be configurable to occur based on specified alarm conditions.

  3. Is it possible to use the humidity sensor with IFTTT? Our dehumidifier is attached to a z wave smart plug and we’d like to be able to switch it on if the humidity reaches a certain level.

  4. Is there anyway we can use Piper’s siren to emit a beep or a less than annoying siren sound? It would be nice to have it beep every time the door opens much like every other panel alarm systems… If we can also have it on IFTTT, wherein we can trigger it to beep or a ding dong sound like a doorbell it would be awesome!

  5. Roland, I have my Piper configured (in the Notification section of the app) to send a push notification when a door is opened. My iphone and ipads around the house all chime when they receive a push notification, so the end result is a chime when the door opens.

  6. Piper should add a feature to record with out time limits…directly on our phone or uploaded to Dropbox….manually or/and sensors triggered.

  7. Don’t hold your breath. I have been waiting for this feature for over a year. I even tried to contact support and the development team. They just passed me around. Even a $10 timer can allow more than one on/off cycle, but a $200 device cant. And they don’t seem to have any interest in a recipe for this either.

  8. Can we get a arm/disarm recipe based on location that only fires when piper is in not already in that target mode?

    ie. If piper is already disarmed and I come close to home, don’t disarm again

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