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Pair Your Piper nv With A Fibaro Motion Sensor!

Great news, everyone – Piper nv is now officially compatible with the Fibaro Motion Sensor. This is a highly requested accessory pairing that we’re pleased to be able to offer you.

Piper_Fibaro_motion sensor_Twitter

When you pair your Piper nv with this motion sensor, you’ll be able to get extra motion detection coverage virtually anywhere. Want to learn how to pair the two? Watch our tutorial video below!

The Fibaro Motion sensor is available on Amazon for American, Canadian, and European users.


  1. Great to see more certified accessories, keep em coming.

    Will the piper be able to trigger from the other settings in the Fibaro like temperature, light and vibration, or is it just motion?

  2. Can I just buy the motion sensor to make it link and work with Piper? Or do I need to by a Fibaro hub as well?

  3. Hi Grace,

    Then steht least in my point of view the article is misleading. I would expect that all basic features of the device are supported like temperature, light and vibration. Otherwise it is only for 25 percent compatible. Could you please work on a solution to get these values via Piper nv

    1. Hi Bjoern, our support of the motion sensor is exclusively for its motion sensing security capabilities. A few of the features you’ve listed like temperature and light are already built into our Piper app. Sorry for any mixup!

  4. I really love all of your product . It would be nice if you could get a outside camera for Piper. Thank you

  5. How about a remote siren. I don’t like the thought of someone breaking in and my Piper siren alarming, then the bad guy taking my Piper off the shelf (led to it by the sounding siren) and throwing it out the window.

  6. I’m guessing the nv in Piper nv stands for night vision? If so, does the Piper model without night vision also pair with the Fibaro motion sensor?

  7. I’ve tried the Fibaro motion sensor in the past with the Piper NV and it paired OK but without sensitivity control it is far too sensitive. Does this update now include sensitivity control for the motion sensor? If not could you please provide this in an update.

    1. Now that it’s officially supported, pairing it with Piper runs optimally. You can’t adjust sensitivity, but I will pass this feedback along to our product management team!

  8. I’m so excited . . . Thank you! I asked about an innovation like this a while back in an attempt to have motion sensing that can can be positioned outdoors. Can’t wait to try it. Keep Innovating. It makes me proud to have chosen Piper

  9. Will the motion detectors trigger when an animal suck as a cat walks by or passes by? It’s triggered by temperature and motion . Thank you

  10. Well that’s just great leaving the original piper customers behind. Is the nv model the only one getting future support? To

    1. Hi Christopher, sorry for the inconvenience. This is the first accessory that classic won’t be able to support and it’s based on z-wave classes.

  11. Could I pair this sensor with my Piper NV and with a Smart Hub at the same time?
    This is a more general questions. Can a z-wave accessory that is connected with Piper be controlled at the same time with a Vera, Smartthings, Fibaro HC2, Zipato, etc…?

  12. All your products are superb but it would be great if you add in your app the trigger of electricity lost not only like notification but even sms, telephone ring and etc. like motion or sound does now. It’s because of almost first thing that thieves do is cutting power cords, so if my wireless router is on UPS I will receive phone call from piper IMMEDIATELY and I can react IMMEDIATELY some how to prevent full intrusion – call to police, go home by car or telephoning to my neighbors. (Sorry for my bad English).

    1. Andrius, your English is great!! I will run your suggestion by our product management team but just so you know Piper can continue recording for up to 5/6 hours after losing electricity! We had a situation where burglars stole a user’s Piper but it still managed to capture and send him all the footage.

  13. While excited to see a motion sensor – why bring us a product that is not being used other than motion. Temp, Light and vibration is extremely useful I was planning on using this in my garage and its not available with Piper. This is a more expensive unit that we won’t be able to use all the features. Any plans to have those features useable. Will the smoke detector be from the same company? Why not stick with all the same company so at least we can buy their HUB and use them together.

  14. I’ve used motion sensors with my Piper for years are you going to offer the “smart switch” automation you mentioned to existing connected items ?

  15. Sorry, but there is nothing new!
    You could see the pairing of a Fibaro motion sensor with Piper at the official Fibaro homepage in a test-video!
    But how can I modify the sensitivity?
    How can I use the other possibilities of the Fibaro (temperature, light, ..) e.g. for a second home status?
    Please give us more than this very simple usage!!!

  16. Hello again, thanks you Grace for your answer and I hope my findings about electricity, with your help, will become reality in your future app realizes. It’s great that piper can fully work without electricity for even long time but there are two things to be considered about: 1) usually then thieves cutting power cords in outside house it takes not a few time to break in to house and stole some values so if I will receive a warning from piper immediately I can prevent whole robbery or let’s say I will launch local piper siren and the thieves will be frighten and will run away, even 5 additional minutes for me to react can prevent from valuable loses what I thing is most important for all users of piper; 2) after lost of electricity without wireless signal from router piper won’t warn me at all but in some cases in that situation wireless from router can come down differently taking in mind level of charged battery from UPS or even already old not so good battery which can hold wireless on let’s say for 1 minute it is enough time for piper to warn me timely.
    So if let’s say thieves cut power and only after 10-15 min. break into house, but before piper reacted on motion or sound in that time wireless router switched down without electricity, so I won’t get phone call or sms from piper either only a notification about lost of power but it may be too late because warning l will receive only then my phone will be on wifi or other internet connection. (Sorry for such big writing, may be not for all its interesting)

  17. Fibaro Motion Sensor brings an essentiel and awesome new feature to piper. Thank you….

    can we buy sensors directly from you….?

  18. Hi Grace, I’m sorry! I am very very disappointed. I have more than 6 months waiting for this update and we only have 25% compatibility with the device?, and other sensors (temp, light, …)? I don’t understand your strategy!!! Piper is losing competitiveness and functionality regarding other market solutions.
    Piper need to behave like a genuine event hub, with more features and more devices support Zwave. What is the problem?
    I’m very disappointed!

  19. hola seria interante que desde la misma aplicacion se pueda programar, la activacion y desactivacion de la alarma. con un sencillo programdor en el cual puedas escoger que hora dia o mes, se arme PIPER automaticamente. y tambien la opcion de poder poner otros altavoces x diferentes puntos de la casa. comentar que estoy encantado con este sistema.
    un saludo

  20. After reading this I bought a Fibaro motion sensor for my Piper, but I can’t use it at all. I get once false alarm per day (in a closed room with no activity and no changes in light). Imagine how it is to get the Piper siren on once per day. Making the Piper a z-wave hub was a great idea, but changing the motion sensor sensitivity it is a very basic feature. Any other z-wave hub can control motion detector sensitivity. Please, add this feature soon.

  21. The temperature sensor of this device should be shown via the home vitals tab. It would be good to trigger on them too, but this may be a good intermediary which would be simpler (from piper’s POV) to implement.

  22. Piper support Fabaro Motion Sensor only partially, this should be clearly stated.
    1. Temperature and all other feature not supported via piper, in the above comment it’s mentioned that piper covers temperature, so it’s not required – but advantage of pairing motion sensor is also to look at different rooms
    2. We should be able to tweak the Fabaro motion sensor based on our need, like sensitivity etc. Since Piper is the active Hub.

  23. Motion works great but – as mentioned by others – Piper should enable other features for the fibaro motion sensor (e.g., temperature, sensitivity). Any plans?

  24. I want to setup some home lighting automation where specific motion sensors trigger specific lights. Can this motion sensor (and others) be used to trigger switches and light bulbs connected to the Piper?

  25. Hi Grace. I just bought two Fibaro sensors to pair with my new piper nv. But when I try to pair as shown in the video above, neither sensor will pair with the piper nv. Is there some kind of triubleshooting guide? Thanks.

  26. Hi how come the fibaro sensors aren’t adjustable with piper this makes them pointless as they are adjustable but piper doesn’t allow it so I have 2x piper nv s and 5 motion sensors and they are too sensitive but any other controller allows sensitivity adjustment but piper doesnt

  27. I am getting between 2 to 6 false alarms from both the fibaro sensors I have connected to my Piper NV on a daily basis. When discussed with tech support, all they can ever do is suggest to un-pair the sensors, do a reboot of the Piper NV, and then re-pair. Of course none of this works and it basically makes the motion sensors unusable.

    Until Piper makes it to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors, anybody reading this blog should avoid using these together as they DO NOT WORK PROPERLY and will just be a waste of your money as it was for me!

  28. i also have the same problem. not so many false alarms as you, but at least once everyday i get the “detected motion” message when nothing is happening. almost totally useless.

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