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Phone Surfing In Bed Makes Two Women Go “Blind”

“Too much cellphone use will damage your eyesight and cause brain cancer, so, sorry Lucy – your dad & I decided we won’t be buying you one for your 14th birthday.”

This used to be an old wives’ tale parents would tell their children when cellphones first started gaining popularity. That was back in the early 2000’s, though; not in this day and age where children are wrapped in blankets and gifted with complimentary iPads at birth.

It’s kind of crazy to think that maybe, just maybe, mom and pop might have been onto something. At least that’s what two women, aged 22 and 40, would tell you.


According to The Guardian, two women experienced temporary ‘blindness’ by checking their phones in bed at night. Before you start to panic about the idea that checking your phone at night will automatically render you blind one day, I’ve got to clarify. The women experienced ‘temporary blindness’ not because they checked their phones at night, but because of the way in which they checked their phones.

When heart scans, MRIs, and other medical tests came back inconclusive, the two women sought out an optometrist who determined that, based on their temporary vision loss occurring exclusively at night for only about 15 minutes, it was brought on by their habit of checking their phones with one eye trained on the screen and the other buried in their pillows.

As we all know, eyes adjust to the amount of light that they’re given. So when one eye is already used to darkness and the other is just being introduced to it after staring at a bright screen for quite a while, it becomes hard for it to keep up with the adapted and and thus the feeling of temporary blindness occurs.

I used to check my phone the same way these women do and have experienced the same effect about once or twice, but that’s all it took for me to realize that it probably wasn’t the smartest idea to strain my eyes like that. It’s kind of surprising that it took a rocket scientist all sorts of medical procedures and opinions for them to come to the same conclusion, but it sure makes for a great cautionary tale!


Has your smartphone ever caused you temporary blindness? Share your stories in the comments below!

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