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Piper Adds Water Sensor as Latest Hardware Must-Have

We’ve got some exciting news, Piper family!
When we created Piper, we decided that we would create more than just a security camera. That’s why we designed an all-encompassing security system that could protect your home from burglaries and a wide variety of emergencies.
Piper is expanding its ability to protect you by offering its newest z-wave accessory, the Water Sensor. Ideal for those in drought or flood-stricken areas or those with old pipes, the Water Sensor can detect the presence of water, by as little as .03% of an inch of water (less than 1 millimeter), and be set to trigger security rules and send notifications to your mobile device while you are home or away.
How easy is it to pair this sensor with your Piper? Watch the simple process in the video below:

When you pair your Piper with a water leak sensor, you give Piper the opportunity to potentially save you thousands of dollars in damages- especially if you live in Florida, Alabama or New York; the three states with the most flood insurance claims.
In the past 5 years, all 50 states have experienced floods or flash floods, so this risk is not limited to people who live in particular areas – floods have the potential to affect us all.
Ready to protect your home from the #1 disaster in the United States? Equip yourself with our newest z-wave accessory!

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  1. This is fantastic news. Last winter my HVAC system collected water in the overflow tray. This will now alert me if water starts before the tray gets to the top and overflows and damages walls and ceilings. Excited for more new products and hope you add a ZWave garage door sensor before the end of the year. Thanks. I love my Piper!

  2. We moved to a new home, and now I cannot get the water sensor to reconnect to my Piper app. Frustrated! Tried everything, new batteries, watched YouTube, researched. Totally frustrated.

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