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Piper Attends PCR Boot Camp!

A few weeks ago, we shared the photo below of our Ottawa office packing up a special Piper box to ship to our UK team, as they needed them for the PCR Boot Camp they were getting ready to attend.
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We typically package some flyers, t-shirts, press USB kits, portable cellphone chargers, z-wave accessories, and of course Pipers whenever we attend tradeshows.
The flyers are nice and brief desciptions of what Piper is, and our portable cellphone chargers are typically given to people who drop by our booths for a chat! No one likes to be sitting off in the corner tending to a dead cellphone battery while an amazing show is going on, so we always try to do our part to take care of our fans and keep them connected. If you’re wondering what the portable chargers look like, there’s a photo of them on our Instagram page.
Gordon, a member of our presenting team gave us the inside scoop on how the event went:

“Over 150 independent retailers and resellers attended the PCR Boot Camp last week. Interest in Piper was very high and several retailers were confident they would sell the product well. We estimate that between us at the show we gave around 30-40 individual demonstrations of Piper.”

You won’t believe what Gordon says happened next:

My son skipped school early that day and so we had a live demo of him breaking in my patio doors at 2pm! And then showed the sensitivity of the noise recognition sensor with loud rap music. Needless to say, the retailers loved it!

So there you have it; the adventures of Piper across the pond in the UK. A big congratulations to our partners for an amazing show at PCR Boot Camp!