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Piper & Bezeq Collaborate To Release ‘Bhome’ In Israel

Piper & its parent company Icontrol Networks, the company behind the most widely-distributed interactive security and home automation platform in the industry,  have joined forces with Bezeq, Israel’s largest and leading telecommunications group.
Together we’re providing Israel a state of the art comprehensive smart home offering called Bhome.
Bhome, based on Piper by Icontrol Networks, is a self-install, Wi-Fi-enabled All-In-One Home Security System that combines panoramic video, Z-Wave home automation and environmental sensors with mobile control.
Smart home technology available in Israel is estimated at hundreds of shekels for basic products to tens of thousands of shekels for sophisticated control and monitoring products. With Bhome, Bezeq offers technology, support and service for only NIS 19.90 (equivalent to $5.28[1]) per month, making it the first affordable home automation solution available to the Israeli market.
Bezeq’s research found that, like U.S. consumers, a majority of Israeli residents are interested in automating their home, said Bob Hagerty, CEO of Icontrol Networks. Our partnership with Bezeq brings Icontrol’s award-winning smart home technology to a region of the world where, up until this point, it was unaffordable. We’re one step closer to making smart home technology accessible for everyone, everywhere.
As part of the launch of Bhome, Bezeq is establishing a smart home in the Netanya Ikea, as well as a smart home model onsite at the company’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, featuring Ikea furniture and other Israeli-made smart home devices.
This is just the beginning of the smart home innovation we’ll bring Israeli residents with Bhome, said Ran Guron, deputy CEO of Bezeq. In the next several years, we will enhance the service with additional features, new device compatibility, and may even expand to new commercial and municipal markets. We chose to work with Icontrol because of the company’s trusted, extensible network, which will let us bring Bhome to the next level seamlessly.â
The partnership with Bezeq continues Icontrol’s international momentum, and helps solidify the company’s position as a global home automation leader. Icontrol’s platform manages more than 26 million sensors and devices in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Europe and now the Middle East. This year alone, more than 100 billion events, alerts, and commands will be collected, processed, and made accessible by Icontrol systems, making it the most widely-deployed interactive security and home automation platform in the industry.
Watch the video below for a glimpse of Bhome in action:

To find out more about Bhome, visit www.bezeq.co.il. To shop Piper, check out our store.

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