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Piper Featured On The Smart Tech Channel!

A top YouTube channel called Smart Tech recently did a review of our Piper nv smart home security system.

piper nv on smart tech youtube channel review


In it they let you know that Piper is the sort of device that you can get “for a one time fee and not have to pay anything monthly and be able to do 10 million different things.”

Watch the video below to learn more about all the features we packed into one sleek and affordable device:


One comment:

  1. Affordable, I disagree. The NV is expensive in my opinion. The classic should cost $50-60 considering it does not have Night Vision. A security camera without Night Vision is useless. What was PIPER thinking when they created that camera? By the way I have both versions of the cameras so I know of what I speak. I like the fact that it notifies you if it detects motion, but in Armed stay this is annoying because there are people in the house who could get up to go to the bathroom or to the kitchen. Having my cell phone go off at all hours of the night for those reasons is no good. I really want a better armed stay solution that takes this into account. Having to remember to disarm it before going to the bathroom is quite annoying and some don’t always remember to do it. Yes please work on that.

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