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Piper Foils Burglary & Initiates Helicopter Police Chase

Piper user Dennis W. nearly had his Christmas ruined last year by a pair of burglars eager to ransack his home while he vacationed with his family in Texas.
Thanks to Piper‘s ability to alert users the instant their security settings have been breached, he was notified the moment a burglar was detected in his home. To Dennis’ surprise, it wasn’t just one, but TWO burglars who decided to break into his home.
This wasn’t some small, spur of the moment robbery, either. The pair brought a loading truck to help them gather as many of his possessions as possible!
When Dennis received the alert from his Piper notifying him of what was going on, he immediately had his family back home in Calgary call the authorities for him.
The burglars weren’t going down without a fight, though. When police patrol arrived, the duo refused to surrender quietly and instead lead the Calgary police on a helicopter chase across the city.
Absolutely insane. Watch the video from the break-in below:

Notice how the robber looked straight into the Piper and didn’t even realize it was a security camera? Thank goodness it was designed to fit in so seamlessly!
You can read more about this burglary attempt and police chase on CBC News.

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