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Piper Gets A New Sound!

Piper is proud to be loved around the world! As our user base has continued to expand, we’ve realized the need for a new “voice”, one that can be globally interpreted.


Check out Piper’s new sound below, available across North America & soon to join EU:

Piper also updated its transition from day to night vision mode! That faint transitional click that you hear when night vision activates or deactivates no longer triggers a sound alert, making the switch more seamless than before.


  1. Hi Grace,
    Nice photo 🙂 anyway, I would like (I think a lot of users also) a silent mode:
    * Ability to disable/enable the clicking sound of the Piper NV when it switches from/to night vision
    * Ability to disable/enable the alarm sound when arming the piper (last about 30sec)

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  2. I have the same wish.

    I wish to arm the alarm from remote when I allow somebody, like a plumber, to enter my home , without him noticing Piper.

  3. I just bought the new piper nv and in live video mode it makes the most god-awful crackling sounds. I knew those awful, loud noises couldn’t be taking place in my apartment. My apartment is completely silent. I tried calling the manufacturer and their lines are eternally busy and the message states you can leave a message for a call back, but then it doesn’t allow you to leave a message. Awful customer service. I ended up calling over and over and same crap. I e mailed the manufacturer and had to wait a good amount of time to hear from Lissette P. from Piper(manufacturer). HOW SAD WHAT SHE STATED:

    Sorry you are feeling uncomfortable with the clicking noise in your phone when you try to get a live video, it is normal when you are streaming a live video. Unfortunately we can not change that in the product features…

    HOW VERY SAD GUYS ! I want my money back. I want home security not this god-awful egg frying crackling noise. I want my money back. I want to take my business elsewhere. I bought my Pip to secure my home now that I am away for a month over the Christmas holiday. I won’t have access to my camera until January 16, 2017 and by then, I bet Piper will not allow me to return it for a refund. I fell SCAMMED !!!

    Alexander S.L.

  4. I spoke to Alexa on the Piper Chat feature. She threw in my face I had 30 days to return the Piper NV. That is not acceptable people because I bought it in good faith for personal home security. I am on Christmas vacation and I do not get back to my apartment until the 16th of January and that will exceed the 30 days.

    They are deceitful because they don’t mention this defect in their advertising (Misleading) or in the literature accompanying the product. What is worse is that Piper is aware of this problem and they don’t tell consumers who discover it upon using the product. I imagine all their Piper home security monitoring devices have this problem. Today they admitted to the problem as I stated above and state it cannot be fixed. My problem is that I do not return to my apartment until the 16th and that exceeds their 30 day policy. This is not fair because people. NOT FAIR !!! It wasn’t my fault. Had I known the camera made the god-awful crackling egg frying on frying pan noise I would not have bought it.

    They don’t tell you this in their advertising nor in their literature. TERRIBLE !!!!!!!!!

    Alexander S.L.

  5. Esteemed Grace,

    You guys are aware of the problem with the camera making terrible clicking, crackling noise while on live mode. It is terrible and deceptive to not make potential or new customers aware of this problem with your camera. The camera was expensive and nowhere on your website nor in the literature included with the camera does it make any mention whatsoever of this terrible problem. I cannot stress how terrible it is. The camera is suppose to pick up on noises, but the camera itself makes a terrible, loud, and constant e sound. I want to hear for noises in my home and this noise is so loud that it can muddle a real threat and thus, instead of protecting me, it can make listening to a real threat difficult as the crackling is so loud it will muddle any other sound(s) !!! I have a message from Lisette from Piper that sated the following:

    Hello Alexander,

    Thank you for contacting piper customer support. We are always glad to assist you.

    Sorry you are feeling uncomfortable with the clicking noise in your phone when you try to get a live video, it is normal when you are streaming a live video. Unfortunately we can not change that in the product features until now, but I will let know our engineering department about your feedback so they can take it in account for future updates to improve the service.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Piper customer support

  6. Grace,. Could you please allow piper to have a stealth mode, meaning no sounds and no lights. Ever. For my office piper is there and I do not want it to attract any attention at all.

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