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Piper Guards Cadence Barkley On ‘Nashville’

Piper recently made an appearance on the hit show Nashville starring Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes.

Piper - Nashville - DidntExpectIttoGoDownThisWay416-4162

In the scene you’ll see that Juliette, a famous country singer, trusts Piper to be her eyes and ears when her baby Cadence Barkley is in her nursery.

It’s no surprise that Juliette would rely on an all-in-one home security system like Piper to allow her to check in on her daughter anytime, hear what’s going on in the room, and monitor it’s temperature and humidity levels.

+Piper - Nashville - DidntExpectIttoGoDownThisWay416-4161

It may come as a surprise to you, however, that Hayden Panettiere herself owns a Piper as well. I guess what they say is true; art really does imitate life 😉

Do you use a Piper to keep watch over your nursery? Share your story in the comments down below!

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  1. I have owned a piper for 18 months now and the performance has been flawless. The new software release for the iOS has a problem. The idea that a panic button (which over-rides the disabled siren) needed to be installed on the front page is a BIG problem. First, this should not over-ride the disabled button and secondly, it is soo prominent that it will undoubtedly cause false alarms. We use this to monitor an elderly resident and any possibility of this causing the siren to go off will be very traumatic and potentially harmful to the resident. This needs to be fixed immediately.

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