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Piper Introduces Auto Rearm!

Piper can now automatically rearm itself after a security mode has been tripped thanks to our newest feature, auto rearm.

Rearming Piper

Find out how to activate our latest feature in the video below at the :43 second mark!


  1. I have been using my Piper system for a couple weeks now and I am in love! I have a 2 story home and am going to buy another for the upstairs! I have not gotten the door alarm and light that come on but that is going to be my next purchase since I am away from home many nights. This will be perfect that I can turn lights on and off also from my phone. Very well made device and app!

  2. If the power outage extends beyond the limits of the battery back up, can they piper NV be reset remotely?

  3. If triggered, how long does the alarm stay on?
    How long before the auto rearm occurs?
    Does the siren go off after auto rearm?

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