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Piper Is Back In Stock On Amazon!

Piper nv has been flying off the shelves since its Amazon debut nearly 5 weeks ago. Our loyal fans were so excited to get their hands on Piper nv that within our first week on the Amazon shelves, we became the #1 new release in the Home Security Systems section and have been steadily sold out since.
Almost everyday we’d get Tweets, emails, calls and Facebook messages from Piper fans that would eagerly ask us when they’d be able to order the Piper nv on Amazon because every time they’d try to buy they’d be greeted with a message saying Piper nv “usually ships in 3 to 4 weeks”.
Though we were excited to have such a unique issue to deal with, we felt bad that our fans were being delayed in their purchase of Piper.
It took a lot of work and frantic meetings to get here, but we’re excited to let you know that we’ve fulfilled a large shipment to Amazon and now you have the chance to have your Piper delivered to you as quickly as possible; no more 3-4 week delays!
The icing on the cake is that it’s available for FREE 2-Day shipping if you’re a member of Amazon Prime! Click here to purchase your Piper nv today.