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“[Piper’s] Night Vision is Top Notch.”

We absolutely love reading all the comments you leave around the web about your experiences using Piper.

No two experiences are ever alike, and it’s just so amazing to see the endless amounts of ways customers use our security system to protect their homes.

piper nv product review smart home security camera system night vision

We recently received an amazing Piper story from C. Gardner, who decided to purchase a Piper nv after considering a few competitors.

He writes:

So far so good 🙂

I was trying to find an indoor system to supplement my Ring Doorbell outside. It was hard because the Piper, Canary, iSmart, and Scout. Canary didn’t have a battery back up and limited features. iSmart had a lot of bugs and seemed to be slow to fix them. And Scout was just too expensive and didn’t have a camera system.

So I decided to try the Piper. So far, I’m very happy…

As a device, it works great. The night vision is top notch (I’ll post pictures soon), the 180* covers the entire living room and kitchen well…but only about 100* is really usable for seeing someone’s face clearly. But it does a good job of detecting the motion even in the peripheral. I have a 50lbs dog, and was afraid she would trigger the camera with motion…but she does not. The only time she triggers it is when she is defending my home from the delivery man or my neighbors who are out on their walk (not a big deal to me). Piper also does a nice job with video recording as it will capture the previous couple of seconds before it was triggered, so you get to see the whole situation.

piper nv product review smart home security camera system night vision

Setup: Easy to set up on your router and phone. I have an iPad and a Samsung Galaxy S6 active. Was easy to connect to each, and the apps work great.

Camera: Fine detail is great when directly centered with the camera..but as I said earlier, only about 100* is useable for any kind of good evidence or info on someone in the home

Night vision: As I said, works great. I can clearly see the entire room at night.

Alarm: Very loud!!! I would compare it to a business office’s fire alarm in how loud it is.

Misc features: The other features are just fancy additions…the light sensor, temp, air quality, etc. It is nice to see how the home fluctuates throughout the day

Home control: It has some great features for Z-wave technology to control lights, AC, etc. is really nice. I only have my living room lights connected to it, but other people are happy with their Z-wave connections (which I’ll get at a later date)…

Overall: I love it. Try it out and you’ll probably like it too. Worst case, you can just return it in 30 days if you don’t like it.

Do you have a special Piper experience you’d like to share with us? Feel free to email me, godumo@icontrol.com or comment below!


  1. WARNING, DOT NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AND DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY! I purchased a piper NV and seemed to work ok but it would not pair with other products. I contacted piper and after a number of solutions were offered they said i had a defective unit and would replace it, they asked for some personal information which after thinking about it i should not have given and since then and after numerous emails from me they are not responding.

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