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Piper Now Lets You Save The Moments That Matter Most!

We know how much you value your Piper video clips, which is why we’re excited to introduce Clip Saving; a new feature we’ve launched free for all existing and new Piper Customers when you download our new 1.7.0 update! With Clip Saving, you can now download and share an unlimited amount of video clips, featuring the moments that matter most to you.
To top it all off, Piper still provides you state-of-the-art security with no monthly fees attached! That’s right – your video storage and downloaded clips are on us.
Ready to see your new feature in action? Watch the video below:

With its new clip saving feature, Piper allows you to take your immersive viewing experience from your mobile device to any application you’d like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more!
When you head into the ‘recordings’ section of your app dashboard, you’ll now notice that there are downward facing arrows next to your video clips.
Once you tap the arrow, and your video finishes downloading, it turns into a red checkmark (as pictured above). From there, you’re now able to access your free videos in your album and share them however you’d like!
As always, we love seeing how you interact with your Piper. If you’ve got a special moment you’d like to share, use the hashtag #MyPiper!

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  1. Is there a limit to the length of the video clips the Piper records? How much does the cloud service cost a month?

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