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Piper Now Supports AEOTEC Gen 5 Door/Window Sensors!

Door/window sensors have been a staple accessory since we launched the very first Piper classic. That’s why we’re thrilled to be compatible with the latest generation of Aeotec door/window sensors which offers z-wave plus capabilities in addition to increased range and performance.


The 5th generation Aeotec door/window sensors have an operating temperature of 0°C/32°F to 40°C/104°F and relative humidity threshold of 8% to 80%.

There are many ways you can use these sensors to prevent serious accidents from occurring.

American users can purchase their door/window sensors here, while the Canadian version is alternatively available here.


  1. You need to have a wireless entry pad so family members can enter & deactivate the pipers Several years ago you stated that you were looking into it . I have three houses all with pipers and sensors. We need a wireless keypad. I know many people want it. What’s up?

  2. Very glad to hear this – I have had sensor failures on both of my systems in the past month. I just purchased these systems a few months ago, so my question is, will you replace the failed sensors with these newer ones?

  3. Just went to your link for the purchase in Canada. $114.42 for a door sensor? I bought one previously I believe from your website for a lot less money.

  4. So it’s $38 for US and $110 for Canadians??? Please work out a better Canadian partner or this is useless for us folk North of the border.

  5. I have two sensors that are at the edge of their usable range. I may replace them with these, get a range extender, or get a second Piper.

    Is the new Aeotec product replacing the door/window sensor you’ve been selling? When I went to the “Buy” area, the description for the door/window sensor didn’t differentiate whether they were the new or old sensors. (It doesn’t even provide a brand name.)

    Would I be better served with a range extender? Alternatively, do first generation Pipers effectively extend the range?

    1. Hi Michael, we are still selling the older generation and will soon stock this newer one. The link sends you to Aeotec Amazon channel’s ten 5 sensor.

  6. I tried to include The Door/Window sensor from Fibaro to my Piper NV recently, without any luck. When pairing the devices, the Piper Mobile app. terminated with a timeout message everytime (in learning/inclusion mode). I had to return the sensors…

  7. The model No. in Amazon from your link is ZW120 but the model No in your website site (supported accessories) is ZW120-A. Are they the same or what is the difference?

  8. Been reading up for weeks finally got one shipped to the door I took my time for a couple hours and I and totally happy with how this thing is interactive is all the parameters that you can set up to make a personal so far so good everything worked as said

  9. Please make Piper NV model for cold and heat out in my garage where have no heat or AC I need protection out there please let me know when you can make this available for winter summer usage outside in my garage!!!

  10. I see piper is adding aeotecs sensors. I currently have their multisensor 6. It is not compatible at the moment. Is this something your team will be adding? Are you guys planning to add most aeotec hardware to be piper compatible?


  11. I own a Piper and miss the ability to configure parameters on my Z-wave devices. This is possible on other Z-Wave controllers and I thought this was a requirement to get a controller certified by the Z-Wave alliance. Will this be possible in the future?

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