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Piper nv Leads Security In The CNET Smart Apartment!

CNET has been revolutionizing the journalism behind smart home technology for years now. Last year, the mega tech site launched the CNET smart home, which was outfitted with the latest IoT gadgets to show readers and viewers what they’d most recommend for larger homes.

This year, they decided to follow up on the initiative’s success with the launch of the CNET smart apartment, which aims to prove that renters and downtown residents don’t have to miss out on the perks of smart home living.


The apartment, located in downtown Louisville, Kentucky, is outfitted with smart lights by Philips Hue, Amazon’s Echo, the Samsung smart fridge, Ring doorbell, and more.

On the true home security front, CNET explains why they they opted for our Piper nv:

“You probably won’t have access to monitoring services like ADT in a place you’re renting, and you’d definitely need to have a conversation with your landlord if you wanted to replace the lock with a smart deadbolt, so we started with something that we could just plug in and set on a table — the Piper nv.”

Watch the full smart home tour below:

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