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Piper Takes On The Pepcom Holiday Spectacular!

The Piper Team had a great time at the New York Pepcom Holiday Spectacular showing press the different ways Piper can be used to provide home security.
Many of the journalists we met and spoke with were excited about Piper being a smart home security system with no monthly fees, complete with an affordable collection of home automation accessories!
Piper introducing an Outdoor Smart Switch that allows North American users to remotely turn their outdoor lights and appliances on and off, and even set a schedule for them, was the buzzworthy topic of the night – holiday lighting has never been easier!
Check out more photos from our night at Pepcom down below:
Our booth was consistently flooded with reporters the entire night & we couldn’t have been happier!
Notable television personality, friend, and avid Piper user Steve Greenberg dropped by and couldn’t wait to get his hands on our brand new outdoor smart switch!
Queen Latifah & Viola Davis are among many other celebrities who love and own Pipers, and we’re so proud that we had to show them off at our booth.
Our social media manager Grace coincidentally followed the green & black dress code that journalists Nick & Ross were following.
And lastly, no holiday party is complete without a decorated bar!
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