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Piper’s Back To School Story

The back to school season always brings Piper back to its roots as a company developed to give everybody the chance to experience home security.
When one of our founders daughters left home for the first time to attend college, she decided to live in an off-campus apartment near her school. Given that the apartment was located in a sketchier part of town, the two of them decided to start looking into security systems to see what would make her feel the safest.
They were looking for an affordable security system that was wireless, didn’t require professional installation, would allow her to check in on her home anytime she wanted to, had no monthly fees, and would send her alerts via her mobile device instead of automatically dispatching police thus causing fines and the hassles of false alarms.
After a tireless search, the pair realized that there wasn’t a single security system on the market that encompassed all the qualities they were looking for. Inspired, our founder gathered a community of fellow engineers and together they created the Piper classic, which became an immediate success.
When Piper debuted on Indiegogo, it received $50,000 in funding within just 2 weeks, showing that it really was what the world had been waiting for.
Since it’s official debut, Piper has been acquired by Icontrol Networks, a leader in connected home technology, gone on to release the Piper nv (an upgraded version that includes night vision capabilities), and software updates such as the ability to save your clips to your mobile device, free of charge.
Throughout the years and growth, Piper has still managed to stay true to its original plan of being a security system for all, where no professional installation or monthly fees are required!
What does the back to school season mean to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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