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Police Praise Home Security Systems For Helping Nab Crooks

Now that more and more households have access to security systems, it’s become increasingly common for police to receive video evidence from break-ins that victims suffer. This increase in evidence has helped to solve crimes and identify burglars so much so, that law enforcement is now speaking out on the benefits of home security systems.


According to ABC15, Phoenix Police have reported that “more people are helping solve property crimes with their own security cameras.” That’s important to note, given that crime doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down anytime soon. In Phoenix, Arizona alone, there have been “287 home burglaries since July 13, and 55 happened from August 1-5.”
It’s unfortunate to see burglaries continue to happen at a steady pace, but thankfully there are ways to reduce your chances of being a victim. Simple things like leaving your car in your driveway, posting beware of dog, or home monitoring signs can minimize a burglar’s likelihood of targeting your home. For an extensive list of ways to protect yourself, make sure to check out our blog on how to scare burglars away from your home.

Despite all the options you have, the fact still remains that the best overall way to protect yourself from burglaries is to install a security system. Oftentimes Piper’s 105db siren has scared burglars the second they’ve heard it and caused them to run right out of our users’ homes leaving everything behind, plus a video gift of their failed efforts.
Security systems also help you the most post-scares. With systems like Piper, you’re able to provide evidence of ┬áburglaries that can be used to identify and convict robbers, and even capture footage of attempted burglaries as well.
With Piper being an affordable, easy to install security solution, it’s tough to find a reason not to invest in protecting yourself from losing expensive (and even priceless) things.
Have you ever helped solve your own property crime? Let us know how, in the comments below!

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