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Receive Piper Alerts Straight To Your TV & More Through Our AllJoyn Certification!

Piper is starting the year off strong! Not only did we announce the pending launch of our IFTTT channel, support for 3 new accessories at CES and appear on The Big Bang Theory, but we’ve also partnered with the AllSeen Alliance to announce our AllJoyn Certification.

What is AllJoyn Certification, you Ask?

With AllJoyn certification, various devices within the network are able to communicate with one another to further connect your smart home. Piper in particular will be able to send event alarms and notifications to other AllJoyn certified devices.


For example, you could display alarm events on an LG TV as a notification overlay, turn on an LIFX lightbulb, and play a sound on the Musick audio system.

Pretty awesome, right?

Another interesting fact you might be interested to know is that our parent company Icontrol Networks has been a founding member of the AllSeen Alliance, including being elected twice as an at-large Community representative on the AllSeen Board.

Are you looking forward to connecting your Piper to your LG TV? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Are their other TV’s that link to Piper alerts? Ours are Sony Bravo?
    Can additional Pipers link together for a larger video coverage of the house?

  2. When will support for Kwikset door locks and light control switches be available? What date are you projecting? Any guarantees that the current Piper and Piper nv will support these or is there a probability a new model will be required?

  3. Been using piper for a while now, with several frustrating features. No battery condition indication, loose power with dead batteries and unit does not reset or turn on, looses connectivity often, need to go through a complete reset to make work again, battery door that you need an eyeglass screwdriver to remove screw to access batteries. When on vacation expecting cameras to give peace of mid and security, you are let hanging in the wind with no way of fixing problem unless in front of camera. Issues that need addressing before I purchase another one. Money spent that I am thinking twice about. Other units out there that give more satisfying results.

  4. Is Alljoyn it really implemented ? With the windows IoT explorer for Alljoyn app, my piper is not recognised as an AllJoyn device… This protocol would be very useful to create a really “smart” connected object !

  5. I have the same problem. Piper is not recognized with Windows IoT explorer for AllJoyn. How does it connect to other AllJoyn devices without About Announcement?

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