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Remember When The Big Bang Theory Pioneered The Smart Switch?

If you’re an avid watcher of The Big Bang Theory, you might remember way back in 2011 when the group of friends were amped up to discover the ability to turn a lamp and a speaker on via the Internet.

Well, it’s safe to say that the Internet of Things has grown exponentially since then, making the then groundbreaking revelation quite mundane in the face of the new possibilities offered within the IoT.

The clunky device Leonard strapped onto his apartment lamp and stereo system has since shrunk substantially and would equate to what we today call the smart switch. Though smart switches come in a variety of designs, what remains the same is their ability to remotely turn lights and appliances on and off while maintaining a discreet size and appearance.

Piper smart home security on- The Big Bang Theory - Season 9 episode 12 raj telescope room

If you recall, Piper was recently featured on an episode of The Big Bang Theory. What you didn’t see on the show, however, was our smart home security system’s ability to go beyond security and expand into home automation.

If Raj wanted to, he could easily pair the Piper he keeps in his lab/telescope room with a smart switch to turn on/off or schedule any lamps or stereo systems he wanted straight from his iOS or Android device. He could also opt for a smart dimmer to adjust the lighting levels he desires.

Piper smart home security on- The Big Bang Theory - Season 9 episode 12 raj telescope room

Another great leap to come from the IoT is the addition of smart light bulbs! I personally prefer them to smart switches because they’re even more discreet than their counterparts, even though their use cases are more limiting. You can’t use your light bulb to power your stereo, space heater, or slow cooker, after all…

Check out how much easier life is when you’ve got a smart bulb on your side:

What did you think of The Big Bang Theory’s Exploration of the IoT? Let us know in the comments below!


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