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Renting? Here’s Why You Need a Home Security System

When discussing housing, a friend once told me, “you can do anything for a year.” Whether you’re renting your worst nightmare or your dream apartment, it’s amazing how far a home security system can go towards improving your experience, and making even one year rentals survivable.

As a current renter, I’m speaking here entirely from experience. If you’re a fellow renter, or if you’re a parent with college-age kids, it’s time to listen up. A DIY home security system like Piper, can be easily moved with apartment changes, and add extra conveniences to an apartment (or dorm!) that make all the difference in the world.

Landlords and Repairs

As my roommate and I have quickly learned, Piper comes in handiest when dealing with your landlord. Rather than taking time off work to stay home when repairs need to get done, we use Trusted Circle in Armed Away Mode to both receive a text when he enters our apartment, then use the live video feed to make sure the repairs are done properly.

Man with pipe wrench under a kitchen sink fixing a leak


Door/window sensors are hugely important if you’re subletting someone else’s apartment for a few months. Subletting is a common practice among university students during the summer months, or when renters are between leases. You can end up with roommates you don’t know or trust, and installing a door/window sensor is a quick and simple way to always know if they’re invading your room.

Piper’s motion sensor and camera can also be used effectively to notify you if there’s movement while you’re out of your room, and record video so you know exactly why they’re in there.

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Home for the Holidays

Like any other home, rentals can have unexpected issues. Whenever you’re away for an extended period of time, such as over Winter Break, knowing your home’s vitals gives you peace of mind that you’ll be coming back to a livable place.

Especially in older buildings, pairing a flood sensor with your Piper can save you from extra costs, because you can call your landlord for repairs before permanent damage is done by, for example, frozen or broken pipes.

Water Sensor z-wave security system accessory

Oh, and a Security System

We can’t forget the most basic use of a home security system: protecting what matters most. Feeling safe at home, especially if you’re renting a bachelor or studio apartment, begins with always knowing what’s happening in your space.

Securing the inner two layers of your residence is especially important in college dorms, because dorm theft is fairly common and can be difficult to prevent. To make a system like Piper work well in dorm, you need to either create some kind of barrier between you and your roommate (we used to use the desks), or ensure your roommate has access to the account as well.



  1. As someone who is renting a home in a somewhat iffy neighborhood, I’ve considered the fact that getting some sort of security system would bring me some peace of mind. Piper sounds like a great option, especially because it’s so easy to transfer if you decide to move. Thanks for sharing!

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