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Roberto Alomar Celebrates Piper’s Availability In Best Buy Canada

MLB Hall of Fame legend Roberto Alomar helped Piper celebrate its availability in Best Buy Canada stores nation-wide at an exclusive event hosted in the Blue Jay’s VIP suite.

At the event, featuring the city’s most prominent media personalities, Roberto Alomar took to the stage to share the story of how he relies on Piper to manage his busy schedule.
“Piper’s a great product; it keeps my family safe while I’m away, and I love it to death,” he told the eager group. “Yesterday I was in Ottawa and needed to talk to my wife and couldn’t find her. I called her on the phone, and she didn’t answer, so I thought to check Piper and saw that she was in the living room eating popcorn! That’s what Piper’s all about.”
The great thing about Piper being available in Best Buy Canada is that the retailer’s Geek Squad is a simple call away if you require their help. Alomar had nothing but great things to say about the premier service. “Geek Squad did a great job. In 30 minutes they were in and out of my house. They have great personalities, and I’m glad I got to meet the Geek Squad.”
In celebration of the collaboration, Roberto signed custom Piper x Best Buy Canada baseballs for all press in attendance, including Late O’clock News, TSN, ESPN, Toronto Mike, and more.
It was a real treat to have the charismatic baseball player on-hand to celebrate the momentous occasion with us. Though Alomar already has 2 Pipers inside his Toronto condo, he insisted on wanting more to make sure every inch of his home is covered, and admitted to often bragging to fellow players about his ability to know exactly what’s going on in his home just by opening the app on his cellphone.
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Thank you for being part of this amazing partnership. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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