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Should You Inspect Your Children’s Halloween Candy?

Halloween is coming up in just a few short weeks! If you’ve got children who are planning to go trick-or-treating either with friends or with you, then you’re probably thinking about laying down the ground rules for the holiday activity.

Things like curfew and neighbourhoods are probably at the top of your discussion plan, but what about candy safety?


It’s quite unfortunate, but there have been quite a few cases of people tampering with the halloween candy that they give out to children. Many children also suffer from food-related allergies that may be found in certain sweets. That’s why it’s important to teach your children to inspect the treats they receive on Halloween before they eat it, and to monitor it yourself as well until you’re comfortable allowing them to do it o their own.

What should you look out for when examining Halloween candy?


It’s important that your kids know it’s never okay to eat candy that has already been opened or punctured. Whether it’s an opened box or a bag comprised of various loose candies put together by a stranger, it needs to go in the garbage and not in their mouth.


Expiry Date

Sometimes the candy given to children has already passed its expiration date.


Though it’s nice that some of your neighbours put forth the effort to create baked goods for the neighbourhood trick-or-treaters, it’s not necessarily a good idea to consume it.



If your children suffer from food related allergies, make sure to read the ingredient and warning labels on the treats they collect.


What else should you look out for when it comes to your children’s Halloween candy? Share your advice below!


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