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Smart Everything – The IoT Revolution

The Internet of Things revolution is all around us today. Humans have come up with a fix for almost everything, this includes most of the daily annoyances we like to complain about.

Drone Hat

Take a second to think of all the minor bumps in your road… got it? With a quick Google search, you’ll find a solution exists for those bumps. And if there isn’t, someone is probably working on a solution right now.

We like to talk about Piper and the home security/automation world a lot. This time, we thought we’d take a break and sneak a peek on the other side of the curtain.

So, first up is… *drumroll* please…

PLANTY – your “not so ordinary plant pot”


If you’re someone who likes nature but is really tired of hosting funerals for your dying greens, then Planty’s for you.

It is an automated plant pot, that connects you to your plant through a smartphone app. With Planty, you can now monitor your plant’s growth, need for water and sun, and how it’s reacting to the temperature in your home.

Did we mention it even waters itself? Holy convenient.

G.U.M PLAY – “turn your toothbrush into a videogame controller”

GUM Play

Gone are the days when you used to have to stare at yourself quietly while brushing your teeth. With the G.U.M toothbrush you can

1. Listen to music

2. Hear the news

3. Play a videogame

All while brushing your teeth. It also monitors the speed and angle at which you brush your teeth, letting you know if you’re brushing effectively.

SMARTTRESS – “If your partner isn’t faithful at least your mattress is”

Smart Mattress

After infidelity rates spiked in Spain, a company came out with Smarttress, the smart mattress that makes “your body relax by night and your mind by day, when you’re not home.”

Thanks to the mattresses’ 24 embedded ultrasound sensors that pick up on movement and vibrations, using the accompanying app, owners can now know if, how and when their bed is being used.

KUVEE – “Red and White on any night”

Kuvee Wine

Are you tired of having to compromise with your spouse on whether you’ll be having red or white wine with your dinner? Then Kuvee is exactly what you need!

Kuvée” is a pretty neat solution. You choose from their varied collection of wines and receive it in a bottle that keeps oxygen from touching your wine, keeping the wine fresh for up to 30 days! You then insert it in Kuvée’s smart bottle that helps you dispense it.

What smart object has caught your attention recently? Let us know in the comments below!

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