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FYI: Some Police Do Home Security Checks If You’re On Vacation

Planning a vacation that’ll keep you away from home for quite some time? No worries; it’s now becoming more and more common for local police to perform home security checks on the homes of residents who report themselves as away on vacation.


Police in the city of Modesto has officially rolled out an online form that vacationers must fill in at least a week ahead of their departure in order to be approved for a routine check up where officers will launch an investigation if anything seems out of the ordinary in regards to the notes residents leave about the state of their property (ie. lights on or off, animals, mail, etc.).


Though home security checks are a wonderful initiative that can really help you maintain home safety, it doesn’t quite compare to the complete peace of mind that smart home security systems can provide. When you arm your home with a security system, you’re able to see inside your home 24/7 regardless of where you are and be alerted in the event that loud noise, motion or even a sharp change in temperature or water leak is detected, taking the guess work out of vacationing.

Want to learn more about Modesto police’s home security checks? Be sure to check out this in-depth blog post announcing the initiative!

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