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Stay Safe on your Summer Adventures

Nothing motivates you to get outside like a hot, sunny day! Be it during weekends at home, weekends at the cottage, or vacation days, some of the best ways to enjoy the weather is with outdoor activities. Taking simple safety precautions will ensure they stay fun, and will help keep you out of emergency situations.

If you’re doing any physical activity, which can include cycling, running, paddling, hiking, and swimming, make sure you stay hydrated throughout and after. Always stretch your muscles afterwards to avoid injuries.

Here’s a list of four popular summer activities, and some tips to boost your safety:

Young Couple Having Fun On Bicycle RideCycling

  • Review your city’s cycling laws (and follow them, of course!)
  • Wear a helmet
  • Use hand signals
  • Keep your bike is in good repair
  • Dress to be visible
  • Use bike trails, and plan your route with bike lanes whenever possible


  • Run in the mornings or evenings when it’s cooler
  • Let someone know you’re going running
  • Keep ID on you
  • Assume vehicles can’t see you
  • Start off light & easy

Father,son and grandson fishing togetherCamping

  • Properly store your food
  • Ensure your water is safe to drink
  • Be aware of the weather
  • Always attend to your fire
  • Use a deet-free insect repellant
  • Keep an emergency kit accesible at all times

Outdoor Swimming

  • Always swim with other people
  • Know your swimming ability and limits
  • Be aware of undertow and tides
  • Never replace supervision with a lifejacket
  • Look for – and follow – warning signs

And what about your home while you’re out on adventures? If you have your Piper connected to IFTTT, then don’t worry about what might be going on, as it will automatically arm itself and keep an eye on your place while your away.