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Summer Cooking Made Cooler with a Smart Home

As many of you know, Piper is based in Ottawa, Canada. So if it’s been hot up here in the “Great White North”, I have no doubt that it’s getting pretty toasty with all our friends to the south.


Summer cooking can be tough; the last thing you want is to make your house even hotter. Here are four tips to save on energy with your AC by using your smart home to keep your kitchen cool while you cook:


The best way to avoid heating up your house is to simply cook outside; it’s barbeque season! There’s nothing better than a juicy steak, set of ribs, or chicken breast fresh off the grill.

One problem I always remember my dad, the chef of our house, always struggling with was how to manage both the barbecue and the kitchen. All of his problems could have been solved if he used Piper to keep an eye on the kitchen while he nurtured our hamburgers to grilled perfection.

If your kids are anything like I was back then, they have a much greater interest in snacking than stirring. Piper’s two-way audio means you can call them out for sneaking bites.

Reduce Stove Use

There is another way to manage my dad’s barbecue problem: stop using the stove. Veggies can be grilled on the barbecue, or are easily steamed in the microwave. In fact, a lot of things can be cooked in the microwave, including potatoes, rice, and pasta! This will avoid heating up your kitchen, but still give you a wide variety of options for sides.

Creating your own fruit and veggie platter with your family’s favourites is a great way to make dinner easier, faster, and cooler. Getting creative with salads is another fantastic way to reduce stove use.no gif

But salads don’t mean you have to eat like a rabbit! Pasta or potatoes can be used to make a great mix, too. Check out this great recipe for taco salad.

Create Chilled Confections

For those of you with a sweet tooth (like me!), even the hot summer heat might not be enough to deter you from baking cookies or cupcakes. Our suggestion? Try out some bake-free treats!

In the summer, with so many fruits fresh and ready to be eaten, it’s easy (and typically not too expensive) to create lots of delicious desserts using your fridge or freezer.

In addition, fruit itself often contains the sugar needed to give you the fix you’re craving. Something as simple as homemade popsicles from a smoothie recipe can be that extra kick to top off your weekend.

And as for the kids? No-bake desserts tend to be simpler and easier on the dishes, making daytime activities that much easier to find, and a lot less messy.

Family Cooking Kitchen Food Togetherness Concept two children child proof kitchen

Get Friendly with your Crockpot

Weekend day trips are so much fun… until you have to come back home. Tired and coming off your high from the day, you probably just want dinner and a good night’s sleep. And when you still need to cook, oftentimes you might opt for takeout. This is the less healthy and less cost-effective choice when compared to cooking during the day in a crockpot.

With a crockpot, you can prep in the morning while you’re getting together your picnic for the day. Everything from stews to rice to meat can be done up deliciously.

With Piper, you can use the camera to keep an eye on your meal and ensure it doesn’t burn, but, more importantly, you can remotely turn it off with the aide of a Smart Switch. Although most crock pots come with a timer, if yours does not, you can user the Piper App to set one, so the Smart Switch turns off when you’re ready for your crockpot to power down.

Being able to remote control your crockpot with your smart home changes everything. You can have a perfectly simmered home cooked meal waiting for you the moment you get back from your day trip.1-iStock_000072009893_Large

Do you use Piper to help you in the kitchen? What are some of your favourite summer recipes? Let us know in the comments below!