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The 4 Most Common Ways Burglars Enter Homes

According to reports, over 8,000 home invasions happen each day in North America. That’s why it’s so important to understand the various statistics associated with these awful crimes in order to best formulate strategies that can save you and your family from burglars and home invaders.

The 4 most common ways burglars enter homes are through:

1) The first-floor front door
2) Garage
3) First-floor back door
4) Large first-floor window

An interesting fact about the first-floor front door topping the most common ways burglars enter homes is that the majority of those robberies are able to occur because a home owner answered their door for a stranger who quickly took the opportunity to force their way in the instant the door was unlocked.
In knowing that doors and windows are the most sensitive areas of your home, Piper has integrated Z-Wave technologies that, when paired with door/window sensors, allow your Piper to notify you the second doors and windows are opened in your home. These notifications can come to you anyway you’d like whether it’s via phone call, text message, push notification, or even email! Once you’ve received the alert you can view what’s going on live in your home via the mobile app and call the police if need be.
We’ve shared tips on ways to protect your garage from burglars on this blog before, and we’re going to be sharing tips on ways to protect these other areas as well. The best way to make sure you never miss our tips is to subscribe to our blog!