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The Benefits Of Security Window Film

Have you ever considered adding security window film to your glass doors or windows? Like we’ve mentioned before, home security goes far beyond installing cameras or motion sensors.

True home security involves having multiple layers of protection that help you thwart break-in attempts by protecting your home from all angles.

What Is Security Window Film?

Security window film is an undetectable sheet that adds a protective layer to glass that holds your pane together, defending against scratches, shattering and the like.

In some cases, security window film is even bullet-proof! Imagine that, a burglar attempts to shoot or breakdown your glass only to discover it refuses to budge because you’ve got an invisible layer of security film holding it together:

How Much Does It Cost?

Security window film is generally affordable, with the average sheet retailing for about $30, which is peanuts to the thousands of dollars worth of possessions it could save you from losing.