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The Evolution Of Piper’s Packaging

Piper’s packaging has come a long way since our days as a young startup company. Originally, when our earliest customers purchased Pipers, they would come delivered in a simple white box featuring a sketch of the unit, QR code, and a little bit of info about what to expect inside.
Though the original box is nowhere near as glamorous as our newest packaging, our product strategist Reza is still proud to say that he thinks Piper’s initial packaging was awesome.
Watch the evolution of Piper’s packaging in the video below:

It just goes to show that when you focus on improving your product more than you focus on the glitz and the glam, eventually so many people will depend on it that you will be able to afford to deliver it to your beloved customers in the most beautiful way possible.

Are you a fan of Piper’s new package? Let us know in the comments section below!

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