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The New & Improved Piper App

The Piper app has just undergone its biggest makeover since we first launched! Get to know your way around the app in our general overview video down below, showing you the various ways you can customize your Piper experience:

To learn more about your new app, feel free to watch our full tutorial playlist, browse or download our user manual.


  1. Excellent updates! Just what was needed. Love the new interface and the IFTTT interface is just FABULOUS!!!

  2. Grace,

    It appears that the app changes are cosmetic other than the removal of vacation mode. Did this software revision add any functionality or no?


    1. Hi Ron,

      Good question! We’ve added iOS resolution support, a Piper view window, it’s faster, improved performance, and our events tab has been enhanced.

  3. Nice re-design. But unfortunately, still no multiple location management as was said to be an upcoming enhancement.

  4. Did you think about giving two choices??? Classic view (original app) and new view?
    I only ask as the original app is excellent, in fact perfect- not sure why you have changed it.

  5. Nice to see an app update and IFTTT integration. But the home automation side is still behind competitors. A few ideas:
    – Are you planning to have the IFTTT channel more IF conditions (using the sensors) and THEN actions (ability to control all z-waves accessories)?
    – even within the Piper smartphone app, it would be great to be able to turn on / off lights based on sunrise – sunset times not just a fixed schedule.


    1. Hi Jordan, thanks for your feedback! We will continue to update our channel, so stay tuned for more!

    1. I’ve passed your feature request along to our product management team for consideration, Leslie!

  6. Thanks for the App update. I am still very eagerly awaiting the ability to add compatible fire and smoke detectors to my Piper nv network — which you told us nearly a year ago was “coming soon.” Would greatly appreciate an update concerning this feature with your most realistic assessment of when it will be ready for prime time.

    1. Hi Mark, we announced smoke detector support just this past January and are still working on it.

  7. Hi,
    nice App update, very functional. However, since I have two homes with Pipers in each, I was hoping this update would include easy login to both. Right now, I have to log out and log in to access the different Pipers in different locations. Because I can only be logged in to one location at a time, I can only get warnings from one Piper, not both.

    At least, I thought both my loggin emails could be stored and accessible on the login page. (for example, my bank App stores my personal and business ID numbers, so I only have to enter my passwords). This would be a time saver and a convenience.

    Thank you,


    1. Hi Serge, I know what you’re talking about! We are working on this feature and want to thank you for your patience.

    1. Hi Ric, you should receive a push notification when you open your app letting you know that a newer version is available! If you don’t see this, head over to your app or play store and you’ll see an update ready for installation there.

  8. Nice asthetic update! I noticed that the battery icon for each of the sensors are no longer there. Also was hoping for the ability to reorganize the accessories in the order we’d prefer rather than what was first added. Keep the updates coming!

    1. Good eye, Jeff! You’ll now see battery warnings when they’re running low. We are also looking into enabling drag to rearrange accessories.

  9. Does this mean the app will automatically do updates on our phones or is their something we need to do?

    1. Hi Nanette, you should receive a pop-up alerting you to the new app. If not, head over to your app or play store’s updates section where you’ll find it listed!

  10. I thought the original app was also excellent.
    I would love it if an external camera could be added.


  11. 360 needs to be confirmed to start…not easy to do whilst driving or on bike. Then forget or hit dead zone. unable to action

    Need auto start once left the building. Need to be able to set timer.

    its not security if not on… please please fix

  12. I actually used all the modes offered before. So needless to say I am bummed you removed vacation mode. I would love a list of the NEW features, not the cosmetic changes. I am forced to agree with Ron above. I actually agree with Andy, Jordan, and Leslie as well.

    So much promise for a great tool (which I love), but it seems to be lacking and falling behind the competition in new features. 🙁 Thanks for taking the time to make a video for us though appreciate it!

  13. Unfortunately I will NOT be using this since it removed a much needed feature – VACATION MODE! If you’re going to remove a mode, at least let us add it back in ourselves if needed.

    Unfortunately I cannot use this update without Vacation mode so I’ll be sticking with the older version.

    Bad idea, Piper Team. Bad idea. Adding/changing is fine – removing features people use is NOT okay.

  14. Does this update fully support Android 6 and the issue with Android 6 not staying to the Piper Network in setup (because it has no internet access?) It was a huge pain to set both Pipers up with an old device (pre-Android 6)…

  15. Are your updated just a cosmetic one or some serious changes? Would you please list those changes one by one?

  16. I use this in my small office. I would prefer if the application had rules that could be set to be automatic – e.g., out of office mode automatically kicks in from Friday at 5 PM to Monday at 6 AM, unless overriden.

  17. I agree that removing “vacation” mode is surprising. I can’t see myself upgrading as a result. Also, still standing by for secondary Z-wave controller capabilities within the Classic Piper (not just NV), as originally promised from the Kickstarter days.

  18. Is it possible to set a IFTT rule to arm / disarm when a door opens or closes (reported with the door sensor)?

  19. So, the new app does look nice and is probably a bit more intuitive.

    But you’ve fixed something that wasn’t broken. Why? While you were busy fixing things that weren’t broken, I’ve been forced to build another solution (from another vendor) for this.

    It absolutely boggles my mind that management makes decisions like this.

  20. Bad idea to remove the battery icon. Now how can I know if I need to replace the battery before going on vacation?

    1. Hi Dunhong,

      The battery icon now only appears when you’re running low and need to replace your batteries.

  21. I am pretty sure the vacation mode was removed in order to accommodate IFTTT (IF). Once I added Piper recipes, I realized that IF will have a problem distinguishing two armed modes; therefore, one was removed. Rather have IF than Vacation mode.

  22. I am pretty sure the vacation mode was removed in order to accommodate IFTTT (IF). Once I added Piper recipes, I realized that IF will have a problem distinguishing two away armed modes; therefore, one was removed. Rather have IF than Vacation mode.

  23. I’m also pretty annoyed that vacation mode was removed. It’s nice to have two away options so one can have siren or not, and one notifies your neighbors (vacation since you’re ostensibly not around) while the other does not (since we’re in town). Why is Piper wasting time and resources to remove features that people actually use?

  24. Awful upgrade can barely see things on the app and you took things away. Put it back the way it was!! I am now having issues since I had things programmed in vacation mode too. Months of waiting and this has to be the worst upgrade! Who decided red on red was a good idea??????? And hard to see when armed and disarmed the colors light grey to medium grey are not enough to tell what mode. Put back battery icons, noticed they are gone too. Now why would we need to know if a battery was low or dead on one of the devices? This is sad now I don’t feel safe. Get rid of the live video on startup! It’s recorded me when it’s not armed and sitting here watching TV, invasion of my privacy! Icons too hard to tell what is what.

  25. I agree with Jim Dodds, still no multiple location management. I was told quite some time ago that this was going to occur so it is disappointing to not now have this option available

  26. I like the new app but am unable to delete events. I delete but they reappear. I never had this happen with the old app.

  27. Honestly, There is nothing about this version I like at all. The red colors are terrible and hard to see, no more bedside mode, no more wiggling icon when a alarm is activated, battery icons missing, vacation mode missing, I am sorry, I am sure you all worked hard on this, but can you tell me if anyone beta tested this.
    Please please please tell me how to go back to the old version.

  28. Has anyone been able to get the auto-arming/disarming through IFTTT to actually work?

    I have everything set up as indicated — I opened an IFTTT account, linked it to my Piper account, set up the recipes (using the direct links from the piper channel) and downloaded the IF app to my phone, but it doesn’t arm or disarm.

    I have the location set very tightly around only my building. In the app, the recipes are “turned on” and I added a notification, but it still says “run 0 times,” despite me traveling miles away. “Check now” in the IF app returns the message “recipe checked,” but nothing else happens.

    Any ideas?

  29. It appears we also lost the “sleep/panic mode” screen. My wife used this often as I travel frequently and it gives her piece of mind to have that feature. Am I just missing it somewhere?

  30. I want to second the requests for multiple location management. The current app makes this extremely painful and is something that I do a lot.

  31. Nice update, but in my family there are still older iPhones running. On the iPhones 4s the three main switches are too small. And please bring back the “vacation” mode.

  32. When will you have an APP for the best smartphone ever “Lumia 950 XL”. We bought two Lumia 950XL four month ago and we can’t use our PIPER’S anymore because there is no APP for WINDOWS 10 en WINDOWS 10 MOBILE!!!
    Don’t forget that 90% of the PC’s use WINDOWS.
    We hope there will be an APP for Windows in the near future.

    Roger from Belgium

  33. Hi Great update!
    Do you have plans to add different account credentials with different level access?

    I wan to give access to other family members just to access camera but not have the ability to modify camera settings.

    Also would be nice to be able and make the camera public (like Dropcam feature, very useful when using the camera as webcam).

  34. I personally like the new simplified format better but for those that miss the vacation mode, maybe in the next upgrade you could allow them to add it back in settings. Probably much simpler said than done. I love this product.

  35. App crashes when trying to watch video, either live or recorded, I cant believe you released this update with this flaw, after all piper is a camera, and now this function doesn’t wich makes my Piper useless.
    Running android 5.0

  36. In my mind the update is not really an improvement in performance, actually it reduces what we had before.
    Apart from vacation mode, did we loose the graphic monitoring of temperatures and humidities, etc?
    How do I get the older version back?

  37. This update is a bit disappointing. I was told by customer support that the abilities to set custom notification sounds for Piper alerts and rearrange z-wave accessories would be added with this update. Also, I’m surprised I can’t control accessories such as lights and switches via IFTTT. Perhaps it’s time to look into other more robust solutions.

  38. I haven’t tried the functionality of it yet or checked out any of the new features but I don’t like the look of the screen. It’s too monochromatic in color making it difficult to see how you have it set. The older app was much more visually appealing and easy to read.

  39. I’ve been using it for a month without any issues. I even wrote a few recipes like arm at bed and disarm at wake. I did find that the one using map when you drive away only worked when I left, it arms once I reached a just about a mile away, make sure you have your background refresh for IF set to ON and cellular data turned to ON, Location is ALWAYS and notifications set to ALLOW. I also use the schedules without any issues. Good Luck!

  40. I’d really like to see a silent on/silent off feature. It’s so noisy to turn on and off that I fear using it lest I wake everyone up.

  41. I DO NOT LIKE the new app! I feel that a picture of my home displayed without my permission is an invasion of my privacy. And the app’s icons are tiny (Even on my iPad) and not intuitive.

    I agree that you need to offer a choice, Older version, which I thought was great, or the New (And Improved?????) version for users.

  42. I’ve been using it for a month without any issues. I even wrote a few recipes like arm at bed and disarm at wake. I did find that the one using map when you drive away only worked when I left, it arms once I reached a just about a mile away, make sure you have your background refresh for IF set to ON and cellular data turned to ON, Location is ALWAYS and notifications set to ALLOW. I also use the schedules without any issues. Good Luck!

  43. Very disappointed with the NEW app. Everything worked great with the old app. Now I have immediately lost the 2way audio which was the ONLY reason I purchased PIPER instead of the Canary…Support just wants me to go home and try a hard reset on the Piper Device….I updated the app when I was away from home.

  44. The new interface looks nice, but I want to be able to disable the snapshots. The only reason I was able to convince my partner to get Piper was because it didn’t continually monitor the video feed. The snapshots are a step in that direction that will prevent me from buying another one when we move to our new house.

  45. Couldn’t agree more. I went with Piper in the first place because the camera was not always on. I really don’t see an upside to snap shots and also would like to be able to turn it off. Otherwise, I’m OK with the new app, but not really impressed.

  46. I too am disappointed with the update. How do I go back to the original app? I don’t like the snapshot on the main screen. I don’t like that I have to tap the sensor button to see if all of my doors and windows are closed. Colors are too monochromatic. Too much swiping back and forth between areas. Home health is hidden. Old app had everything I needed from the main screen.

  47. I’ve tried 3 times to get this ifttt thing to work without luck. I called Piper and unfortunately got a guy who was having a very hard time speaking English. I sent an e mail requesting some instructions and Sully replied ” down load the app and follow directions”. Well thank you Piper for all your help for the people out her that are not computer geeks. After investing in 2 Piper nv’s and 12 different switches,etc. I’m about ready to toss them and go with a company with a little customer suppor . Bill Millard

  48. For the most part, the new IOS app seems a bit more intuitive and somewhat snappier. But I am puzzled, where can I manually control my Z-Wave accessories? By that I mean, just turn them on or off without automation? It’s very handy, especially when setting up a new accessory, to be able to have manual control. It’s also handy if I just want a simple way to do a one-time over-ride of my IFTT recipes. My wife tells me I am horrible at finding things. Have I just missed where the manual controls are now located?

  49. Jim, you may have already found the controls for accessories, but if not, on the main app screen just below the picture in the top left corner of the bottom section (with the arming buttons in a circle), there is a grey icon that is a box with a wifi signal on it. If you click on that, it moves the arm/disarm pane out of view and reveals the pane for manual control of accessories (and current state info on sensors)

  50. The new app is buggy compared to the old one. Yes it has better features, but about 50% of the times I open the app, it doesn’t connect to Piper. Just sits there with the spinning wheel. I have to force-close the app and re-open it. The old app had less features… but it connected every single time, which at the end of the day is more important to me than a flashy interface. I hope Piper will improve the new app’s connection..

  51. Seems when Piper doesn’t like what it’s customers say on their Facebook page, which I also posted here, and was not bad…they remove the posts so that only positive posts are on there and the they BLOCK the person from the page. So what I posted here about the last update was exactly what I posted on FB and then it was removed and I am now blocked from posting and seeing updates in my newsfeed. I was one of your best customers, NOW I’m looking for a different product. Is this really how you treat customers? WE (customers) were not happy with the last update and you really didn’t CARE. I also feel it is a violation of my privacy with the video snap screen! Almost everyone said the same and yet you really don’t CARE about your customers! I’ve tried calling and can’t seem to get thru to anyone in management. I’m disappointed in PIPERS MANAGEMENT TEAM!

  52. Thanks, Dee. That was probably the most revealing message that I read. I am looking into purchasing a Piper, and after reading all these comments, and not seeing any response from the team since the first few comments, I see that Customer Support is lacking. I will look into other devices. Once again, thanks for the heads-up.

  53. I have Pipers at two locations running on two separate networks. I’d like to see a way to switch between the two without having to log out of one and log into the other something like how Slack allows me to switch between different systems. This limitation keeps me from installing more Pipers at other locations.

  54. Not sure why there is no PC interface yet? This should be very easy to provide.
    Please explain why one does not exist already????
    I would purchase more piper Nv, if PC interface was available.

    One other annoyance. Why isn’t there a scheduler to enable and disable “armed mode”. I have a small business and this feature would useful.

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