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The Ski & Snowboard Safety Guide You Need To Read

Skiing/Snowboarding is great for those who enjoy outdoor activities during the cold winter months. Like any other sport, there are some safety hazards involved like, changing weather conditions, rocks and trees, collisions with other skiers, and variations in terrain.

family sitting in ski lift

To keep you safe on the slopes, I’ve compiled an easy to remember ski & snowboard safety guide that you can rely on whether you’re a new skier/snowboarder or have years of experience!

RULE NUMBER 1: Bring a Buddy


Just like any other venture, it’s important to tell someone where you’re going. Why not take it one step further by bringing someone along? They’d call for immediate help in the event of an emergency.

There’s also the added bonus of having both someone to enjoy the slopes with and someone to beat in a race 😉

RULE NUMBER 2: Equip Yourself

Inkwell Helmet

Helmets don’t always have to be bland. There are quite a few companies out there that give you the chance to custom make your own helmet!

Everyone who’s hit the slopes has fallen on their face at least once.

*I sure have*

That’s where goggles come in; they help you avoid getting ice and snow in your eyes, which could be dangerous if you’re treading down a steep hill that can cause you to land in the trees.

Buying proper gloves and hand warmers are great ways to protect your fingers/toes against frostbite. You’ll also enjoy yourself a lot more if you’re not concerned about the cold.

RULE NUMBER 3: Take your Phone

Teenage Girl Using Phone As She Feels Intimidated On Walk Home

Always bring your cell phone and save the ski patrol’s number. It’s their job to help you but they’re only one side of the operation. You can help them get to you faster by calling them when you’re in distress and letting them know exactly where you are. Just make sure your cellphone is easily accessible without being in a place where it’s likely to get crushed in a hard fall.

RULE NUMBER 4: Protect your Skin

Sunny winter day

Sunburns are not just a summer thing. Sunlight reflects off snow, making it more likely for light to hit your skin and burn you. Sunscreen and lip balm (that contains some sunscreen) are a good idea even when it’s cloudy outside.

Winter is great, especially for winter sport enthusiasts. That’s why I hope this ski & snowboard safety guide helps you avoid injuries that could leave you couch-bound andmiserably watching the snowfall through your living room window.

Enjoy the last few weeks of winter, go out, have fun and remember to protect yourself!

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