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Three Ways To Burglar-Proof Your Garage

Here’s an interesting safety fact to keep in mind: The second-most common way burglars enter homes is through garage doors (behind forced entry when homeowners open their doors to strangers). That’s why we’re going to share with you some possible ways to burglar-proof your garage door so robbers have the toughest time possible breaking in.
1) Frost your garage windows: One of the telltale signs of an empty home is the usual car being gone. The only way for burglars to know that your car is not safely tucked away in your garage is through the window that’s typically placed on either the side of the garage or on the garage doors themselves.
2) Lock the door that connects your garage to your home: This sounds like the obvious thing to do, but many people (myself included) don’t lock the door between their garage and their home because they figure closing the main garage door is burglar-proof enough.
Unfortunately, that’s just not the case because there’s always the chance that a thief can shimmy their way through your main garage door & in cases like that you’ve already lost your first layer of protection, and need to make sure you’ve got a second one in place. Why give them a free pass into your home when simply locking it would add a whole nother level of difficulty to the process of robbing your home?
I know it’ll take you an extra minute to get into your house because you’ll have to start using your key to get in through the garage, but I’d like to think that the extra minute is worth saving the valuable and priceless items in your home.
Think about it, once a burglar breaks your main garage door, there’s no way for them to hide behind it when trying to break your main one too and the risk of getting caught picking your lock could be enough to get them to hightail it out of there!
3) Keep a Piper in your garage: I’m always learning new things from Piper customers. I have my Pipers set up in both my living and bedroom, but many of you have told me on social media that you keep yours in your garage to keep an eye on your valuables.
Though it wasn’t my first thought to keep a Piper in my garage (mostly because I have nothing to do with the tools in there), I understand how expensive the tools and workshops people host in their garages are and think it’s a brilliant idea. Piper could notify you of strange activity, giving you the opportunity to sound the incredibly loud alarm, watch live to see for yourself what’s going on and call the police if need be.


  1. Good suggestions, but I wish Piper would integrate an open garage door sensor, so would know if the garage door is opened.

  2. I put my classic piper in my garage because of the above article. However, I’m told that it is harmful to my piper if the temperature exceeds 95 degrees. Since my garage is detached from the house the temp may occasionally get to or above 95. Do I need to worry or take my camera up?

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