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Travel Security: Luggage Tip

Working with Piper, I get to travel quite a bit. And in getting to travel, I try to do my best to learn about the safest ways to get from point A to point B without losing my stuff. I’ve heard quite a lot about people losing items in their checked luggage to thieves, yet for some reason people still choose to ignore this inexpensive travel security tip: lock your suitcases!
Honestly, it takes a whopping 3 minutes to get locks on your suitcases before you’re on your way. I get mine at my local grocery store for under $5 and have never arrived at my destination missing a single item I left home with. I simply gather my keys into a plastic bag, and keep them in my purse so I don’t have to worry about losing them.
Though locking your suitcase may keep you safer from burglars, please remember that the TSA has the right to open your luggage, should they feel the need to inspect it. To avoid having your locks chopped off altogether, get a TSA-approved set of locks they can undo using master keys- they’re typically marked with a “Travel Sentry” or “Safe Skies” logo.
Knowing that it costs under $5 to purchase decent locks and approximately 3 minutes to install them, you can’t help but wonder why so many people continue to show up at airports without locking their luggage.
Do you lock your bags before checking them in at airports? Let us know in the comments below!